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I have started many websites and blogs before. All of them with a focus on their audience and providing relevant content.

Tales from the midst of life is different. This is the most personal project I’ve started so far.

I am writing about what is relevant to me – not what’s relevant for you.

Reading this blog will take some of your time that might better invested elsewhere.

This is not a “must read”. You choose if you want to visit my personal space or not.

I am in the midst of life.
I am turning 43 as I am writing this. I am also trying to live my life – not just let it slide by and see it come to an end – way before I might pass away. This, of course, is a constant struggle and that is what part of this blog is about. My journey with all its ups and downs is the core piece of this blog.

I have a number of long standing love affairs with things I am passionate about. One part of this blog will cover my “affairs”.

Sometimes I get really mad. I need to vent. There is a rant corner on this blog just for that.

More often than getting mad I get highly amused – especially by odd stuff. Of course I’ll write about that as well. That is clearly the lighter side of the blog.

I am also part of the Twitter community. One section of the blog will cover a digest of these 140 character snippets. It simply shows what’s been driving me on any given day.

This blog serves as a journal for me – in the true sense blogs were orignally designed to be – before they became the powerhouses of modern content distribution.

Of course this blog is garnished with typos. I am a serial typo producer. At least you know I didn’t outsource the stories of my life;-)