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As much as I joke around online and offline I’m also rather serious about many things in life including Christmas. For me it’s a time of self reflection and looking back and ahead while still being in the present. 2014 was quite a remarkable year, not just because “Die Mannschaft” won the World Cup in […]

Time for some wishful thinking

Here is my totally short and rational top 20 wish list for 2014 (in random order): 1. I wish for truly affordable quality healthcare for everyone. 2. I wish for the green party to get some officials elected in the US 3. I wish for Edward Snowden to return as a hero and accept a […]

Suggested considerations for online daters

This post belongs into the strictly personal category. These are just some considerations of mine. Take the best and leave the rest. Maybe they can help some of you to gain a little more clarity about whom they should be looking for. As we all know: “Love is all around”.  That doesn’t mean we need […]

Too hot to handle?

Melissa Nelson, a dental assistant in Iowa was fired because her boss stated that she was too sexy and he couldn’t handle it. She worked there for a total 0f 10 years but it took him 9 years to figure that out. That’s when he began “complaining” to her via text messages. It is a […]

How to disarm a racist

I’ve been reading updates about the Paula Dean story. Here is a good write-up that lists some pretty appalling facts. It is another story that evolves around the “N-Word” but of course it goes much deeper than that. I don’t like how this debate is often reduced to the use of one very disrespectful word. […]

To bang or not to bang

You have most probably heard of the Bang with Friends Facebook App by now. It made the rounds on nearly all social media blogs last week. It let’s you select which of your friends you’d have sex with. If one of those chosen ones decides that “banging” you would be a good idea as well […]

Lessons from 2012, applied to 2013

Yes, it’s that time for self reflection. I spared you my standard Christmas letter where I’d blast you with all the accomplishments of my (imaginary) giant family and myself. No, there were no student of the month awards, promotions or trips to the Galapagos Islands I had to throw into your face. Also I’ve neither […]

To helmet or not to helmet?

I grew up in a world where everyone whore helmets when riding a motorcycle and no one wore them for skiing or cycling except when  racing. That conditioned how I felt about them. I see people in Colorado riding their motorcycles without helmets and think it is pretty stupid. To me it is one of […]

Questions to Paul Ryan before he can have my vote

Venting alert: today I am not censoring myself. I am not being polite. I am letting it all out. Because I can’t always suck it up. I am very disappointed in what the Republican party has turned into. They have become a club of extremists. They put shame on our country. In any other Western […]

London, thanks for the reminder

Dear Great Britain, there are really a lot of things that suck about you: Your weather, even in the days of global warming Your government(s) are often annoying, especially when it comes to European politics Your poisonous food London’s financial district has been one of the big creators for our global financial crisis Plus you […]