Twitter musings from the past week

  • @Joe_3gan I don’t know what eBay is intending. But Amazon, Craigslist & offline retailers might all enjoy their decision to raise their fees in reply to Joe_3gan #
  • 50% of my brainpower is still consumed by Lady Gaga’s “thing” on top of her head last night. I am wondering if Daniel Libeskind was… #
  • Interesting study re privacy in social network activities. These guys know how you are ;) #
  • Greece has to reduce their budget deficit by 75% in 3 years. That is going to cause hell in the streets. Others will soon have to follow… #
  • I met an 83 year-old man last night who never touched a computer in his life. “You know about that Twitter thing? How do I get on there?” #
  • What is the reality TV show you’ve been waiting for that hasn’t been shot yet? How about Washington’s next lobbyist? ;) #
  • Just FYI: The Boston Tea Party is not a guerilla marketing gimmick of Celestial Seasonings. But there are rumors about a Boulder Tea Party #