Twitter musings from the past week

  • Have any of your teens played with Chatroulette yet? Did you turn out to be on the other end? Was it fun? No? Embarrassing? Yes? #
  • RT @conceptbakery: Facebook just beat Google as the most popular site in the US #
  • @kursed I am glad we are not disagreeing on that one :) in reply to kursed #
  • Did u see Google's logo today? Worth checking it out ;) #
  • How did St. Patrick's work out for you? I hope you didn't end up with Mike Tyson's tiger in ur bathroom. Checked ur FB feed yet? #
  • As for 3D TV's: I don't know if I'll ever need one. There are a lot of guys on TV that I'd rather not have in my house. #
  • Letter of the Pope: another HUGE communication disaster. Usually people "retire" when the screw up every time they make an announcement. #