Twitter musings from the past week

  • At DIA – just wasted one hour trying to get into a sucky wifi that's fighting a subtle mentally draining psycho-war against me #
  • Are u in Denver? LivingSocial Deal of the Day: 50% Off City, O' City: – they are cheap already w/o the disount… #
  • Just fyi: I NEVER post any crappy offers. That's spam. The last post was really just about saving 50% at a coffee shop in Denver. #
  • @ashleykingsley Good things happen to good people ;) in reply to ashleykingsley #
  • On my way from NJ back to Denver. Missed the snow, got rainstorm instead. Big delay still beats sleeping at an airport. Can't have it all ;) #
  • Nice pic of English cricket fans supporting their team in a test match again Bangladesh in Dhaka. Pretty intense vibe: #
  • @smithwill NSFW? Ok, these boys were too hot to handle. I'll digg out a chess pic for u next time & make sure everyone has their shirts on:) in reply to smithwill #
  • Got your closet filled with CD's? You might be able to trade them for an iPAd at roughly $0.70 CD: #
  • Ford to sell Volvo to Geely from China: Swedish farmers will be switching to growing rice & Google is epxected to move out of Sweden ;) #