Twitter musings from the past week

  • Would you be comfortable to fly in an A380 right now? I wouldn't. I'll hop on an A340 this week and wouldn't want to trade for the big bird. #
  • Some people's profile pics are way too shiny. What are you trying to sell me: anti-aging cream or fresh polished shoes? #
  • We have a new office policy: coming up with 5 new acronyms every day until we have our own secret language. #1 TBB = to be bookmarked :) #
  • @noot54 I am not to be taken seriously all the time. Lowering myself to the standards of our teens isn't a new year's resolution of mine ;) in reply to Noot54 #
  • @noot54 You just made it on my VIP list :) in reply to Noot54 #