Twitter musings from the past week

  • Apparently 850k people in the US have access to top secret documents. It is hard to imagine how you can prevent documents to leak. #
  • I wish you could style Skype with your own css. The new format has a lot of spacing around the posts… #
  • I am definitely out of touch if I don't even know who the most searched person on Bing in 2010 is. Kim Kardashian? Do I have to know her? #
  • In Denver it makes more sense to count the days without sunshine since they are pretty rare. Today is definitely one of them. #
  • Giving the World Cup to non-soccer countries? Take a look at the sad shape of Soccer City – only 4 1/2 months later: #
  • Qatar? You've got to be kidding! Can someone please start a new FIFA? Now! #
  • Wikipedia just crashed because everyone is looking up Qatar ;) #
  • 1978 was the only time so far where World Cup did not go to a free country. Now Fifa acknowledges 2 countries that violate human rights :( #
  • Great customer service: I bought a food coupon at The restaurant closed. I got a full refund and 20% off my next purchase. #