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Long Standing Love Affairs

Time for some wishful thinking

Here is my totally short and rational top 20 wish list for 2014 (in random order): 1. I wish for truly affordable quality healthcare for everyone. 2. I wish for the green party to get some officials elected in the US 3. I wish for Edward Snowden to return as a hero and accept a […]

London, thanks for the reminder

Dear Great Britain, there are really a lot of things that suck about you: Your weather, even in the days of global warming Your government(s) are often annoying, especially when it comes to European politics Your poisonous food London’s financial district has been one of the big creators for our global financial crisis Plus you […]

Eleven, eleven, eleven

A lot of people are mesmerized with 11.11.2011. Some women have C-sections so they can have a child that day. To me this day has a special meaning, not just because the numbers line up so nicely, but because my grandmother was born on 11.11.1911. She is by now on the other side of Facebook […]

Once every 4 years soccer rules the world

The 2010 Soccer World Cup is around the corner. Image via Wikipedia Here is my to-do list of remaining World Cup preparations: Re-read Fever Pitch Cover living room withTurf Rent backup power generator Make sure all banners outside the house will withstand strong wind Prepare Flash Cards for all  players Purchase some foam rocks at […]

If I ever need goosebumps…

Who would you guess my favorite artist in the world would be? Wrong! The man whose music I enjoy the most is named Ivan Lins. He has been on top of my list for quite a while now even though there are many very strong contenders. Ivan Lins said that he watched a lot of […]

Developing an addiction

Cover of Overtime One night in 1981 I listened to a tune called “Is it you?” on a German radio station. I scribbled down the name of the artist. Soon after that I went into a record store and was lucky to find the album. Rit by Lee Ritenour was the first record I ever […]

My favorite band

Our love affair has lasted since I began listening to music. It has always been my favorite band and always will be. Nothing in life is for certain but I don’t see that ever changing. They represent love, peace, hope and fun as opposed to aggression, violence and anger. Their two main song writers have […]

Django Reinhardt – my first love affair

I never met Django Reinhardt. Due to him dying before I was born our paths never crossed. But he was the first musician I was passionate about. It was way less than cool to listen to Jazz when everyone else was into Pink Floyd. I didn’t want my parents to know because my dad would […]