Once every 4 years soccer rules the world

The 2010 Soccer World Cup is around the corner.

FIFA World Cup Trophy 2002 0103 - CROPPED-
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Here is my to-do list of remaining World Cup preparations:

  1. Re-read Fever Pitch
  2. Cover living room withTurf
  3. Rent backup power generator
  4. Make sure all banners outside the house will withstand strong wind
  5. Prepare Flash Cards for all  players
  6. Purchase some foam rocks at the Halloween store that can be thrown at the TV
  7. Prepare a list of excuses for clients why projects are delayed
  8. Decide which wall will be plastered with the entire game table
  9. Temporarily hide all friends on FB that are not soccer relevant
  10. Get more judgmental and refresh some stereotypes
  11. Watch some epic 1970 World Cup battles including the game of the century
  12. Compare what the bookies have to offer
  13. Spray the World Cup logo onto the grass in the front yard
  14. Get emergency food supplies for a month

How many of those am I really going to do?
You’d have to come over to find out.

What am I overlooking? Nobody is perfect ;)

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