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Some reasons why I’d love $10 per gallon gas

What would happen if we’d raise taxes on our gas to match the ones in Europe or even slightly above that? We’d generate extra revenue that could be invested in infrastructure. Guzzlers would disappear very quickly from our roads and people would drive smaller 50mpg cars. Carpooling would get a big boost. I could see […]

How to properly unpack your 3rd generation iPad

In case you haven’t unboxed your new iPad yet you should watch the video at the bottom of this post. I am covering a number of unique safety steps from the FedEx fence throwing test all the way to the ultimate germ protection method for your iPad. Yes this video is 6 minutes long but […]

Quick solution to the Kardashian situation

Dear Kardashian Reality Show Producer, I heard of the great tragedy of your lead character going through a very painful divorce. I understand the family’s need for privacy. Kim and her sisters will need a leave of absence to heal and recover. Of course this leaves you with the great challenge to fill an open […]

My reasons why Halloween sucks

This is late for 2011 but still got for 2012.  Commercially Halloween is the 2nd largest Holiday in the US. The average American spends $72 on Halloween. For what? 1. Lame costumes A lot of adults want to have some Halloween fun. The problem is that their creativity did get killed between the ages of […]

Hidden benefits of the 17″ Macbook Pro

Image via CrunchBase Here is one of the better kept secrets for you: Apple doesn’t market it publicly for liability reasons but they are well aware of it. The 17″ MacBook has been found to be the perfect birth control device. Why? You think that people glued to Facebook or Twitter are either all single […]

Random thoughts on being single

Thinks that suck about being single: Not being able to shop at Victoria Secret – because you can’t just hand lingerie to the next person down the street. Not being dragged into watching chick flicks any longer – I kind of like most of them. Having to pay for massages. Not being able to look […]

What’s with the dogs?

We have to Yellow Labradors at home. They are named Hershey and Coco. Well, Coco’s official name is Coconut 2 – there were to many Coco’s registered already. You think: How Cute? Here is a reality check: I need to vacuum the house twice as often – because of them They sleep on the couch […]