What’s with the dogs?

We have to Yellow Labradors at home. They are named Hershey and Coco. Well, Coco’s official name is Coconut 2 – there were to many Coco’s registered already.

You think: How Cute?Hersehy and Coco

Here is a reality check:

  • I need to vacuum the house twice as often – because of them
  • They sleep on the couch unless I cover it up every night
  • They carve 40 minutes out of each of my days – they need their walks
  • Our neighbors give us the stink eye because of the commotion they cause when people walk by our property. A lot of people walk by, therefore there is a lot of commotion
  • They eat pretty much everything they can get their hands on – stretching from dandelions to the really gross things like dead animals
  • They fart like a storm – we spend a considerable amount of $$$ on room spray and scented oils
  • They burp in peoples faces
  • They stink, unless we give them a bath every three to four weeks which is a major ordeal
  • They barf on the carpet – remember: They eat a ton of crap
  • Taxes, doctor’s bills, food etc. add up
  • They are on a clock – meaning I am on a clock as well
  • Et cetera et cetera et cetera

So why do we even talk about us having dogs? Maybe these images provide some answers. I’m not always too sure about it;-)

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