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Too hot to handle?

Melissa Nelson, a dental assistant in Iowa was fired because her boss stated that she was too sexy and he couldn’t handle it. She worked there for a total 0f 10 years but it took him 9 years to figure that out. That’s when he began “complaining” to her via text messages. It is a […]

To bang or not to bang

You have most probably heard of the Bang with Friends Facebook App by now. It made the rounds on nearly all social media blogs last week. It let’s you select which of your friends you’d have sex with. If one of those chosen ones decides that “banging” you would be a good idea as well […]

Questions to Paul Ryan before he can have my vote

Venting alert: today I am not censoring myself. I am not being polite. I am letting it all out. Because I can’t always suck it up. I am very disappointed in what the Republican party has turned into. They have become a club of extremists. They put shame on our country. In any other Western […]

My reasons why Halloween sucks

This is late for 2011 but still got for 2012.  Commercially Halloween is the 2nd largest Holiday in the US. The average American spends $72 on Halloween. For what? 1. Lame costumes A lot of adults want to have some Halloween fun. The problem is that their creativity did get killed between the ages of […]

Twitter musings from the past week

A man tries to smuggle 14 pythons & 10 geckos into Norway. He had them all taped to his body & tried to get in via a ferry. Weirdo! # @ChaChanna @sinanyuzakli I am wondering what the customs officers where thinking? The guy claimed he just REALLY likes reptiles… in reply to ChaChanna # McDonalds […]

Why Facebook is nicer than most other entities

Facebook lets you list the following as your relationship status: Single In a relationship Engaged Married It is complicated In an open relationship You also get to decide if you want to publish your relationship status or not. I wish these options were provided everywhere. In most forms I need to fill out the choices […]


Image by Eco Heathen via Flickr Do you ever feel some deep love arising inside yourself that empowers you to overcome almost anything? And you feel like hugging the world? And then it vanishes again? I wish I could tie this form of unselfish love to my heart and stay present with it at all […]

Cashing in on a dead man

Image via Wikipedia The Michael Jackson funeral story is making me sad & angry. His father sold little Michael to Motown as a young boy. He beat him up. The kid was deprived of his childhood and never had a normal life. Now the the King of Pop is dead and Joe Jackson can’t resist […]

Speeding tickets – done wrong

Image via Wikipedia The police in our neighborhood is always on the watch for guys who don’t know their favorite hangout spot. They score every couple of minutes. Getting a speeding ticket is humiliating. Everyone gets to see you and judge you for your shortcoming. The policeman/woman might be friendly or just might add to […]