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Strictly Personal


As much as I joke around online and offline I’m also rather serious about many things in life including Christmas. For me it’s a time of self reflection and looking back and ahead while still being in the present. 2014 was quite a remarkable year, not just because “Die Mannschaft” won the World Cup in […]

Suggested considerations for online daters

This post belongs into the strictly personal category. These are just some considerations of mine. Take the best and leave the rest. Maybe they can help some of you to gain a little more clarity about whom they should be looking for. As we all know: “Love is all around”.  That doesn’t mean we need […]

How to disarm a racist

I’ve been reading updates about the Paula Dean story. Here is a good write-up that lists some pretty appalling facts. It is another story that evolves around the “N-Word” but of course it goes much deeper than that. I don’t like how this debate is often reduced to the use of one very disrespectful word. […]

Lessons from 2012, applied to 2013

Yes, it’s that time for self reflection. I spared you my standard Christmas letter where I’d blast you with all the accomplishments of my (imaginary) giant family and myself. No, there were no student of the month awards, promotions or trips to the Galapagos Islands I had to throw into your face. Also I’ve neither […]

To helmet or not to helmet?

I grew up in a world where everyone whore helmets when riding a motorcycle and no one wore them for skiing or cycling except when  racing. That conditioned how I felt about them. I see people in Colorado riding their motorcycles without helmets and think it is pretty stupid. To me it is one of […]

London, thanks for the reminder

Dear Great Britain, there are really a lot of things that suck about you: Your weather, even in the days of global warming Your government(s) are often annoying, especially when it comes to European politics Your poisonous food London’s financial district has been one of the big creators for our global financial crisis Plus you […]

Some reasons why I’d love $10 per gallon gas

What would happen if we’d raise taxes on our gas to match the ones in Europe or even slightly above that? We’d generate extra revenue that could be invested in infrastructure. Guzzlers would disappear very quickly from our roads and people would drive smaller 50mpg cars. Carpooling would get a big boost. I could see […]

Making the best out of breaking up

As per a recent survey 48% of all Facebook users admit that they look at the pic of their ex too often. If you are single you could easily check in with yourself. When did you last look? I understand the need for this in the direct period after the breakup. It doesn’t do anything […]

Why I don’t do drugs

I’ve been nearly drug free my entire life. I had a very brief period where I smoked a little pot and had few glasses of wine and beer before the ago of 15. I had seizures for a few years as a teenager and even though these are long gone I never touched alcohol again. […]

Eleven, eleven, eleven

A lot of people are mesmerized with 11.11.2011. Some women have C-sections so they can have a child that day. To me this day has a special meaning, not just because the numbers line up so nicely, but because my grandmother was born on 11.11.1911. She is by now on the other side of Facebook […]