Why am I not whoring out?

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  1. Because I don’t have to and consider myself VERY lucky for that.
  2. Because it is not in line with my purpose in life.

I try to live a life of integrity. This is hard, and sometimes I slip. But I have a few rules that help me to stay on track.

Multi-level marketing is something that might help businesses to grow. In some cases it might even be part of a campaign we’d propose to a client. On a personal level, however, I would never want to benefit from you buying a product or service that puts me in the middle of the transaction, particularly if I squeeze myself in the middle. If I refer 5 clients to an awesome massage therapist I know and she calls and offers me a free massage in return, I’ll be happy to take it. If I help someone to save $2,000 on buying a car and get a free dinner in return, I’ll take it. But I would never ask for any of this in advance. Helping  others on that level does not count in my personal favor bank.

Again, in a business setting we might help a client to increase their sales and get compensated for it. That can be part of an agreement a marketing agency would cut with a client. But I would never engage my personal network; not on Twitter, not in my personal Facebook environment and certainly not on my personal blog.

To do that would deviate from why I am here; as a human, as a person, as a professional.  I sell creative ideas for a living and turn them into reality. As a private individual I am trying to support others, to add positive energy to the SELF. I am trying to spread positive energy – being fully aware that it comes back to me in a rewarding way. “Offering” my private network “opportunities” for my own benefit violates my understanding of friendship – even in the broad sense of just being social media acquaintances. Somehow all these people let me into their network and I am trying to honor that. Old-fashioned, I know.

Yes, you can call that a selfish lifestyle, too; putting out positive energy and then reaping the rewards. It is no better or worse then spreading out MLM offers in the social media world. It is just different.

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  • Klaus

    I so respect your integrity.

    I hear your distain coming through big time as a way to build your case for your approach. Makes sense. And…

    Another helpful idea for your positive energy practice is to not judge MLM folks or other people who have a different approach than yours.

    Keep leading by being who you are.


  • Thanks Jayson. I always value your input. I might come across harsh and judgmental at times. Eventually I always pull myself back into the right spot.

    We all need to make a living. I have done things in the past that I would undo if I could. Today I am just lucky by being able to make some choices. This puts me in no position to judge anyone else.

    How others decide to earn their income is really not for me to judge. I can only make my own choices. Maybe someone else gets inspired by it but that is merely a side effect.

    At the end a lot of things are between me and the mirror hanging at the wall in my bathroom. I need to be able to look at myself without feeling the urge to barf on myself ;-)