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How to properly unpack your 3rd generation iPad

In case you haven’t unboxed your new iPad yet you should watch the video at the bottom of this post. I am covering a number of unique safety steps from the FedEx fence throwing test all the way to the ultimate germ protection method for your iPad. Yes this video is 6 minutes long but […]

Twitter musings from the past week

Is there a Facebook for dead people yet? There should be a way to maintain your brand from the cloud. # I just totally randomly ran into the awesome @heizusan at Paris on the Platte. I’m glad Denver is such a little village. # If u tell Mr. Jobs about new features u want for […]

Twitter musings from the past week

Are Legos still allowed on internartional flights? I think I’ll start with a $400 Star Wars piece called “death star”. It’ll keep me busy ;) # @JelleVanDun You and I should fly together one time and put that Lego Star together. Amsterdam – Detroit maybe? in reply to JelleVanDun # Welcome back in the headlines […]