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Suggested considerations for online daters

This post belongs into the strictly personal category. These are just some considerations of mine. Take the best and leave the rest. Maybe they can help some of you to gain a little more clarity about whom they should be looking for. As we all know: “Love is all around”.  That doesn’t mean we need […]

To bang or not to bang

You have most probably heard of the Bang with Friends Facebook App by now. It made the rounds on nearly all social media blogs last week. It let’s you select which of your friends you’d have sex with. If one of those chosen ones decides that “banging” you would be a good idea as well […]

What part does gender equality play in my personal life?

I co-created the South Africa Project with a group of friends. We promote gender equality in order to combat rape which is a big factor in the HIV/Aids pandemic in South Africa. I have written about the cultural aspects of Gender (In)Equality and our website talks more about it. I am passionate about the subject. […]