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Challenges presented by divorce

When my ex-wife disclosed to me that she wanted a divorce I was present in the conversation but it took me quite a while to grasp of what is happening. Divorce wasn’t part of my life playbook. I was taken totally off guard. I tried to protect my inner self with (self) denial and false […]

Random thoughts on being single

Thinks that suck about being single: Not being able to shop at Victoria Secret – because you can’t just hand lingerie to the next person down the street. Not being dragged into watching chick flicks any longer – I kind of like most of them. Having to pay for massages. Not being able to look […]

Finding closure and creating harmony

Today marks the 6 year anniversary of me having met a person I’ve been looking for for a very long time. One of those people that stay in your heart forever. I met the woman that eventually became my wife. We have had an amazing journey since then. My wife had a little 7 year […]