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If I ever need goosebumps…

Who would you guess my favorite artist in the world would be? Wrong! The man whose music I enjoy the most is named Ivan Lins. He has been on top of my list for quite a while now even though there are many very strong contenders. Ivan Lins said that he watched a lot of […]

Developing an addiction

Cover of Overtime One night in 1981 I listened to a tune called “Is it you?” on a German radio station. I scribbled down the name of the artist. Soon after that I went into a record store and was lucky to find the album. Rit by Lee Ritenour was the first record I ever […]

My favorite band

Our love affair has lasted since I began listening to music. It has always been my favorite band and always will be. Nothing in life is for certain but I don’t see that ever changing. They represent love, peace, hope and fun as opposed to aggression, violence and anger. Their two main song writers have […]

Django Reinhardt – my first love affair

I never met Django Reinhardt. Due to him dying before I was born our paths never crossed. But he was the first musician I was passionate about. It was way less than cool to listen to Jazz when everyone else was into Pink Floyd. I didn’t want my parents to know because my dad would […]