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Lessons from 2012, applied to 2013

Yes, it’s that time for self reflection. I spared you my standard Christmas letter where I’d blast you with all the accomplishments of my (imaginary) giant family and myself. No, there were no student of the month awards, promotions or trips to the Galapagos Islands I had to throw into your face. Also I’ve neither […]

Twitter musings from the past week

A dream come true for 60 British guys in a pub in Yorkshire: They got totally snowed in on New Year’s eve and had to stay 3 more days :) # To me buying a kindle feels like buying a $500 “smart phone” without web access. Sorry, 25 bucks is the max I’d ever pay. […]

Taking a timeout on New Year’s Eve

I made a pledge to myself to go out and celebrate tonight. BUT: This is also a day to reflect and set intensions. I decided that 2010 will be a good year. I decided to spread out positive energy. I will live it one day at a time and be fully present. I will nurture […]