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Making the best out of breaking up

As per a recent survey 48% of all Facebook users admit that they look at the pic of their ex too often. If you are single you could easily check in with yourself. When did you last look? I understand the need for this in the direct period after the breakup. It doesn’t do anything […]

Why Facebook is nicer than most other entities

Facebook lets you list the following as your relationship status: Single In a relationship Engaged Married It is complicated In an open relationship You also get to decide if you want to publish your relationship status or not. I wish these options were provided everywhere. In most forms I need to fill out the choices […]

Finding closure and creating harmony

Today marks the 6 year anniversary of me having met a person I’ve been looking for for a very long time. One of those people that stay in your heart forever. I met the woman that eventually became my wife. We have had an amazing journey since then. My wife had a little 7 year […]

What part does gender equality play in my personal life?

I co-created the South Africa Project with a group of friends. We promote gender equality in order to combat rape which is a big factor in the HIV/Aids pandemic in South Africa. I have written about the cultural aspects of Gender (In)Equality and our website talks more about it. I am passionate about the subject. […]