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Hidden benefits of the 17″ Macbook Pro

Image via CrunchBase Here is one of the better kept secrets for you: Apple doesn’t market it publicly for liability reasons but they are well aware of it. The 17″ MacBook has been found to be the perfect birth control device. Why? You think that people glued to Facebook or Twitter are either all single […]

Cashing in on a dead man

Image via Wikipedia The Michael Jackson funeral story is making me sad & angry. His father sold little Michael to Motown as a young boy. He beat him up. The kid was deprived of his childhood and never had a normal life. Now the the King of Pop is dead and Joe Jackson can’t resist […]

Twitter musings from the past week

Sad NYT article: Preference for boys in certain Asian cultures is being reflected in US census http://twurl.nl/xfgbhc # This Ferrari / 2CV car mashup just blows my mind: http://twurl.nl/y77315 That is a real showstopper… # Le Bourget this year reminds me a bit of the Detroit Motor Show. Except for the fuel they are burning […]