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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Sometimes life just sucks. And this not them time to spend a lot of time on Twitter. Sorry for my “unparticipation” these days. I’ll be back #
  • Apparently the engineers at Mercedes can’t figure our how to stick 6000 laptop batteries in car. Therefore Daimler bought 10% of Tesla Motor #
  • A principal in Utah tells a 14yr old buy not to wear a kilt.He could be taken for a transvestite.All scottish transvestites are outraged :-) #
  • Did you hear about the twins from two different dads in the Dallas? The woman is married and had a bit of explaining to do. #
  • Did you know that the Taliban are getting their hands on US ammunition? This is not a good way to save our economy. #
  • Japan’s economy declined 15.4% within a year. And they’ve been really struggling before. Worst decline since 1945. #
  • New stats from England: 20% of men admit to overstate the number of their sex partners. 45% of all women understate this number. #
  • Sales of LP’s are up 89% from last yr. I wonder if last yr’s number was 250 or 300 ;-) I still have over 700 sitting in a basement in Europe #
  • Followfriday: @brettgreene @franciscogonima @chriskauza @davetaylor you have all proved to be TRUE friends in the last few weeks. #

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