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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • I’m wondering how Mr. Berlusconi (age 71) will explain his presumed liaison with an 18 year old this week. How about: She told me she is 19? #
  • @LesBain I’d also be interested in the comments his (maybe) future ex-wife had to make. She’d put Al Pacino to shame ;-) in reply to LesBain #
  • @fabiosacco Mr. B. is a man who talked himself out of big trouble at least 10,000 times (hard to count). All other schmucks: Watch & learn! in reply to fabiosacco #
  • The first race of electronic bikes takes place at the Isle of Man next week. This will be the event to watch over there. #
  • Queen not invited by Mr. Sarkozy to D-Day Celebrations. Reply: I have a hurricane in me that will strip France bare when you dare to try me! #
  • A nice man that was… #
  • I am looking forward to play with Vonage Premier when I am heading to Europe next week. Doing local US phone calls from my Macbook? Neat #
  • Apparently Mr. Berlusconi is trying to block the release of some party pics from his mansion that would put Mr. Heffner’s gatherings 2 shame #
  • Being a Union leader at the UAW must be one of the most frustrating jobs on earth.I am not a big Union fan but this time I feel for the guys #
  • Does anyone have any answers for Detroit? 22% official unemployment and rising. The city is falling apart. Sports teams alone won’t cut it. #
  • What’s going on in Denver tonight? Does everybody have the Nuggets blues? I don’t. #
  • RT @cameronolivier: 40 Stunning and Creative Graffiti Artworks – http://bit.ly/aGtjX #
  • Listening to Hugh Masekela – Live at the Market Theatre – don’t know how I overlooked it.Awesome recording.The man still has plenty of game #
  • @BPerzanowski Do these two girls know that you made them famous? Maybe they did practice for some debate contest? #
  • The fail whale should have a sign reading: “We suck today. Could you please move over to Facebook and take some load of our servers?” #

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