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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Did you know there is one Facebook employee for each 275,000 users? Good luck emailing.That is worse than a total of 47 restaurants in Hanoi #
  • @tawnypress There should be an 800 number that let’s you choose whom you want to yell at. For Airlines please press 1,for utilities press 2 in reply to tawnypress #
  • @tawnypress 1-800-yell-now Maybe the number is already there – try it. Of course mobile carriers and others need to be on there as well. #
  • Here are two videos we produced for the launch of the Album “Popgasm” by the Finish pop band Sunrise Avenue http://twurl.nl/15uv8p – Enjoy! #
  • woot idol: Look at woot.com today. A whole recording studio equipment for $49. I am scared of what people will “create” with it #
  • Obama invites Susan Boyle for to come to DC (2nd time). I hope Michelle doesn’t think he is hitting on her. British humor is quite appealing #
  • Interesting pics: http://twurl.nl/o1asgg “Sandboarding” on a volcano in Nicaragua as a tourist attraction. I rather watch from distance #
  • I have very low expectations with airlines. Especially when I travel internationally. But online check in incl. bags w. United was a breeze #
  • Ryan Air is planning to charge for use of their on-board bathrooms. Wondering what is next? Air to breathe in bags? $1 extra for life vests? #
  • $3 for every water or juice in Luxembourg or Germany – no refills. I’ll go broke over that in the next 3 weeks. Coke comes in 7oz bottles… #
  • @couldbeme I am spending so much $$$ on beverages over here that I am waiting for my CC card company to call me about fraudulent charges ;-) in reply to couldbeme #

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