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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Just had a schnitzel the size of my 17″ Macbook. Supposedly the biggest ones in Cologne. Otherwise I will like Gulliver. Everything is small #
  • Jose’ Samarago about Berlusconi: “This thing, this illness, this virus threatens to become the cause of the moral death of Verdi’s country.” #
  • Here is a translation of Samarago’s latest article in El Pais: http://twurl.nl/mgv381 #
  • It feels great to be surrounded by creative, high energy people all day long. This is what’s happening to me in our German office right now. #
  • For some mysterious reason I opted for covered parking when I left Denver last week. Seems like it saved my 1000’s of $$$ in hail damage. #
  • I wish iPhone sellers and buyers would stop talking about $199 & 299 for the new iPhone. It is $600-700 – you just pay at a later time. #
  • iPhone sales remind me of leased or financed cars & not disclosing the sticker price/ true cost. It doesn’t helps to get people out of debt #
  • Fridges in Germany are 1/3 the size of US ones. But then most of the food is three times yummier. I want it all. This clearly doesn’t add up #
  • Not that I am all into cursing. But it feels right to hear the non-butchered versions of some songs on the German radio.You go Puddle of Mud #
  • Ever seen a girl having a “Popgasm”? We shot a video capturing it. Check it out on YouTube: http://bit.ly/Bdq1t #
  • 99 out of 100 products in Germany start with the letters Bio: Biomilk, bioyogurt, bionade, biofruit, bioshoes, bioIphone ;-) bioanything #
  • Womanizer meets womanizer: Gaddafi is visiting Italy. Berlusconi arranged for Gaddafi to meet with 700 female professionals. No men allowed. #
  • Why do people ask basic questions on Twitter that yo could have easily answered on Google in 2 seconds. Is Google too complicated for some? #
  • @MomofFaith I am just wondering about the laziness of some people. Some guys seem to try to conserve their braincells by not using them. in reply to MomofFaith #
  • @clairecelsi Yes I totally agree. What is 2 + 5 or how to convert Fahrenheit into Celsius should be reserved for the non twitter world. in reply to clairecelsi #
  • @gold_tracker If I start to “socially interact” with you on that level you will most likely hit the unfollow button pretty soon ;-) in reply to gold_tracker #
  • I was at a client meeting yesterday & we displayed the tweets mentioning their brand.I have never seen so much disbelief in peoples faces;-) #
  • @Ariluv The disbelief came from the silliness of peoples comments. The client just could not believe how this could have any value for them. in reply to Ariluv #
  • @arinewman Everyone needs Filtrbox. But these guys are in German nowhere land and need to take some baby steps first. We’ll get them there. in reply to arinewman #
  • Real Madrid pays 94 mln Euro transfer fee for soccer player Ronaldo. I’m wondering how much other countries would be bidding to sign Obama #
  • @DaveTaylor Nope. No soccer payer is worth 95 mEU. You can build a training center & develop a new generation of a-class players for that $$ in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • Obama writing a note for a 10 yr-old missing school to see him speak: She’s with me. No wonder he is the most popular president in the world #
  • @takkie13 Of course a lot of the image of a president is staged. But there is still enough shining through that lets us see who he really is in reply to takkie13 #
  • The moviebakery party in Cologne is under full steam. Cool video producers mixed with marketing pro’s. Neat crowd!!! #
  • If you are in Cologne and deal with web videos you might as well swing by. The address is here: http://twurl.nl/d0o0xr #

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