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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Sad NYT article: Preference for boys in certain Asian cultures is being reflected in US census http://twurl.nl/xfgbhc #
  • This Ferrari / 2CV car mashup just blows my mind: http://twurl.nl/y77315 That is a real showstopper… #
  • Le Bourget this year reminds me a bit of the Detroit Motor Show. Except for the fuel they are burning to show off their planes. It adds up. #
  • FYI: Klaus is no horse whisperer. I placed a trifecta bet at the Cologne race track & only got the 1st one right. The others wouldn’t listen #
  • Michael Jackson hired Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno as his fitness coach. The had to bring in new weights into the gym. 1/2 lb ones were too heavy #
  • Work = Fun: I’ll be at the Nuerburgring race track on Sunday shooting videos and talking cars all day. Pit girls beware ;-) #recarodays #
  • I told my co-pilot that I am intending to crack the 7 Minute mark at #Nürburgring on Sunday with my bro’s Golf TDI. He chocked a little ;-) #
  • Is #iranelection bringing down the house? I don’t think so yet but it is a milestone/landmark for Twitter and social media power in general #
  • Nokia launched their N97 in 4 stores in Germany incl. Cologne today. This was without a doubt the most ridiculous product launch ever… #
  • …they made a big hoopla with tons of promoters in the street and had 1 (ONE) phone in the entire store. They did take pre-orders though. #
  • @simuk It really was a joke. Bouncers, red rope, carpet, a huge crowd in front of the store + 1 phone. I don’t know what Nokia was thinking in reply to simuk #
  • Spanish travel agency Rainbow Tourism offer trips for lesbian couples with a twist: A trip to a fertility clinic in Alicante is included. #
  • This is what a few days on the streets can get you: Facebook is launching in Persian. Who’s next? #
  • A trip to the East German nowhere land is on the agenda today. If you never hear from me again the Yeti has eaten me. #
  • Interesting day for Porsche. Their stock options for VW expire today. I’m curious to see how Porsche & the markets will be handling it. #
  • @bitterer I think he’s last been seen around Neudietendorf in Thueringen. That’s where I’ll be heading ;-) in reply to bitterer #
  • @samlevin You’d think that a company with a profit exceeding its revenue has nothing to worry about. But that has shifted a little recently. in reply to samlevin #
  • @KevenJay The 4 door Panamera will come. She’s a beauty. But they won’t be able to sell enough cars to get out of their financial mess in reply to KevenJay #
  • How come the entire world doesn’t take notice when I catch a fly? How about me saving screaming women by killing a spider? Double standards! #
  • #ff Want some wisdom? Here you go @smithwill @littlefoxy @dmf71 @lesbain @RobertGirandola @hansfredrik @franciscogonima @garryparkes #
  • @ronasmy We should start an anonymous unacknowledged fly killer self help group. Hashtag #aufkshg :-) in reply to ronasmy #
  • Blog post re the N97 killer product launch on Cologne yesterday ;-) Pics of the promoters & the only phone included. http://twurl.nl/24y3dx #
  • Just returned from a long day shooting video at #recarodays – Interviewing the air brushed models certainly was the highlight of the day :-) #

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