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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Does anyone have some social web b2c showcases with solid numbers to back? It is pretty hard to find anything outside Groundswell… #
  • …Of course everyone talks and talks about social media success stories. But it is all soft data. I need something solid for a presentation #
  • Louis Vuitton is suing a Red Cross thrift store in Germany for 2600 Euros. A replica handbag was found in the store. How broke are they? #
  • @DaveTaylor That's a lot of laptop batteries to stick in a Lotus Elise. Money well spent ;-) in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • The word "hypocrite" has just been removed form the American dictionary. Please cross it out and replace it with: "sanford" #
  • Must feel bad for a man that dies at age 50 and pretty much struggled his whole entire life. #
  • Did you know the only 4 reasons a woman can get divorced in Iran? The husband has to be an addict, impotent, mentally ill or a non-believer. #
  • The Dalai Lama thinks that greed is the reason for our economic crisis. PLEASE tell me something I don't know. #
  • Women of Teheran: You are my heroes. Not for all the plastic surgery you endure but for standing up and taking a beating. You've already won #
  • RT @saproject: New blog post: Beware of the female powers http://is.gd/1evZx Your comments please! #
  • Michael Jackson topping the charts at Amazon and iTunes. Albums sold out in many stores. Some people are always late. #
  • Here is a pic of that 13 story house in China that fell over: http://bit.ly/dyk4a Would you move into the identical buildings next to it? #
  • Did you hear about the Mission Control system for the Mini? 3 different characters have 1700 programmed "tips" for u. I'd shoot my dashboard #
  • Just switched my personal blog ( from Intense Debate to Disqus – ID still offers no Facebook connect integration :-( http://bit.ly/gzXGJ #

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