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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • My daughter has been watching M. Jackson tributes for 4 days straight. As a side effect I got all my moves down again. See u on the floor:) #
  • I just updated my Twitter policy: http://bit.ly/CbehK
    – It was about time for some adjustments #
  • RT @kwkinnamon: My wife was just telling me that I never listen or something like that…I’m not sure…I wasn’t really paying attention. #
  • 150 years for Madoff? How many years for all the politicians that created a system that provided crooks with the perfect playground? #
  • @evoklarry Sticking all our politicians into jail for life might be a little drastic. A little self criticism would be nice to begin with. in reply to evoklarry #
  • Wearing a face mask for the 1st 3 days of your trip to Indonesia? The government is kindly asking tourists from any swine flu areas to do so #
  • I am getting a TON of new followers with 0 updates following 500+ people. Needless to say that my interest to follow back is rather limited. #
  • @Ltfngr I turned off autofollow as well and am very happy about that. But somehow I am still listed. I just noted the jump in numbers. in reply to Ltfngr #
  • How about a little Denver Salsa Tweetup or FB connect tonight? I’ll be at the Turnverein in downtown tonight: http://bit.ly/15HYlB #
  • Sales of small cars in Germany are up 85% from the first 6 months last year. Once subsidies run out the market will totally collapse. #
  • The funeral/farewell event organization for Mr. Jackson is beyond appalling. Since when is passing away considered a major revenue stream? #
  • @johntindale The next step would be to go to a bank, ask for a loan & offer the revenue of ur funeral as collateral. Based on ur FB friends in reply to johntindale #
  • Here is a great way to loose your sanity: Enter events in iCal for July 2010 + forget to switch it back to ’09. Today then looks like Friday #
  • A few more thoughts on “cashing in on a dead man” on my personal blog http://bit.ly/4FD6Z5 #
  • RT @saproject New blog post – In case you havent seen the latest shocking stats on rape from South Africa yet:http://bit.ly/IhdMS #
  • Brainiac event at the MCA, Denver tonight http://bit.ly/d3CfR I just hope @davetaylor & @franciscogonima T-Shirts won’t say: I’m with stupid #
  • Up date from Twitter: All posts with the words “happy” & “4th” in it should be posted over at bratwurst.twitter.com or passedout.twitter.com #
  • Mr. Ecclestone showing some signs of dementia? He defends Hitler & Saddam and says F1 could use a female,black Jewish race winner. Bizarre #
  • Mr. Ecclestone’s comments in the Times: http://bit.ly/tzWEN Maybe his time is finally up & he can start over as emperor of St. Elsewhere #
  • Where is the grinch that stole the Colorado summer? Anyone seen him yet? Maybe he works 4 the pharma industry. Sales of happy makers are up #
  • Anyone feeling nostalgic about downtown Sarajevo in the mid 90’s? Why don’t you come to my neighborhood and get your fix then? #
  • For anyone interested in Iran: The most important group of religious leaders calls the new government illegitimate – this is HUGE #
  • @JebDickerson I am in Arvada aka national explosives epicenter. They’re bombing the heck out of me tonight. in reply to JebDickerson #
  • Here is a NYT article to the Iran story I was referring to: http://bit.ly/bLgwv #
  • Apparently Mr. Federer and Mr. Roddick have a hard time to decide who is going to win their little encounter today. Plenty of overtime… #

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