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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • 18 year old Australian was asked by his mom to clean up the garage. He's not happy & posts nude pics of her online & offers her for trade. #
  • How about doing something remarkable first & then posting it on Twitter or FB? instead of posting all day & not doing anything remarkable? #
  • @EsmaaSelf 18 mile hike? It is location based if that is remarkable. Here in Boulder "remarkable" hikes start at 140 miles I believe ;-) #
  • Anybody tweeting the "event" at Staples center today? What's next? Tweeting Oprah? My Twitter client needs a little break anyway. #
  • Thomas Edison: "There ain't no rules here. We're trying to accomplish something." I like it. Doesn't work with the Highway Patrol though ;-) #
  • RT @saproject Construction strike in South Africa could affect the World Cup: http://bit.ly/Xvo3U Pls fix this soon. I want my World Cup ;-) #
  • "Lots of people want to ride with u in the limo, but what u want is someone who will take the bus with u when the limo breaks down." Oprah W #
  • Obama & Sarkozy with the wondering eye: http://bit.ly/18BFV4 – That could have gotten me into a lot of trouble when I was still married ;-) #
  • Pics of the new Jaguar XF. I've NEVER seen a car that looks so pretty from the front & so ugly from the back: http://bit.ly/A86b Dealbreaker #
  • Good things happening at South Africa Project http://bit.ly/13Frbh and Ubuntu Now http://bit.ly/T5we3 – check out the cool tag clouds #
  • @SmithWill Jaguar is owned by Tata. These are the guys building the Nano. Maybe some of their designers were involved in the rear end? in reply to SmithWill #
  • Thanks to @franciscogonima for inviting me to his classroom painting volunteering party. It was a privilege to be there thanks to the crowd #
  • How about a little weekend little weekend quote: "Let's spend more of our lives in soulful times" – I am heading there right now ;-) #
  • I am getting more proactive in unfollowing people that send me spam via DM. Since they don't read their feed this post is utterly useless;-) #
  • @CarlaYoung Sometimes it helps to talk to myself ;-) I am not even mad at these guys. That's just what the unfollow button is for in reply to CarlaYoung #
  • @KauaiMare I won't change the habits of other users. I am ok as long my own little ecosystem with people like you is intact. in reply to KauaiMare #
  • @CarlaYoung My world is actually pretty marvelous right now. I control how I handle spam. There is no: "I've got you under my skin" ;-) in reply to CarlaYoung #
  • @CarlaYoung My best spam control tip? Never eatmore than 1 can per day ;-) Seriously: I don't ever reply to it. That's handing over victory in reply to CarlaYoung #
  • Ever been to a restaurant where the spice rack must have disappeared? Happened to me tonight, Next time I'll bring my own ;-) #
  • Going through every single follower and deciding to follow back or not is really time consuming. But it is totally worth the effort. Do it! #
  • @jpetals @bernierjohn I'd like to see a tool that lets me unfollow everyone who tweets about 400 new followers per day #

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