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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Thirteen women were caught in Sudan wearing pants: 10 whips for each of them. Cultural differences? I don’t think so. #
  • Finally: Psychologists in England found out that cursing reduces the pain when you get hurt. I knew the F-word was good for something :-) #
  • Brazilian soccer player sent off the pitch after 7 seconds. Here is the video. It is pretty short ;-) http://bit.ly/zQEHO #
  • Data mining at its worst: Facebook is sucking all the data of the world – still they are inviting me to become a supporter of Sarah Palin #
  • Isn’t it funny how some guys follow u on Twitter & by the time u check them out they are already suspended? I’m guessing them in advance ;-) #
  • Buyers vs. sellers in web 2.0 equaling men vs women in the “real” world? My take in this conceptbakery blog post: http://bit.ly/WBn8C #
  • Sending someone good energy should be hard coded in your daily agenda. Somehow I always get back more than I am giving. Yes, it’s that easy. #
  • @kamthomas Thanks for the RT. Feel free to use the analogy. As a new single I get to practice my listening skills quite a bit these days ;-) in reply to kamthomas #
  • How can the guys that created our economic mess show billion dollar profits while everyone else is drowning? Could they at least hide them? #
  • Should Twitter get a Noble Peace Prize or Biz Stone become the next Iranian President? Take the survey at http://facebook.com/conceptbakery #
  • Author Matt Stewart publishes an entire book on Twitter: @thefrenchrev . Makes me wonder what’s next? Teachers doing lectures maybe? #
  • @mjfstewart You picked a very good date to launch and also a great Twitter icon. I hope your story goes well. I think you’ll get published. in reply to mjfstewart #
  • How much would it suck to have 5,000 friends on Facebook? U’d have to unfriend someone to add someone new. I’d be on the guilt trip all day #
  • The Internet needs a bouncer. Where else do they let everyone in? I still get eyesores way too often. On my way to the optometrist ;-) #
  • Did you know it is FollowThursday over at Facebook today? Some genius in their think tank came up with it. Oh right. You can’t follow on FB #
  • @Scribnia No. I think FB is working on an unfollow service for Facebook friends that aren’t friends with you service ;-) in reply to Scribnia #
  • Please all sign up at i-am-a-social-media-whore.cum You’ll get 12357 FB friends, 18596 LinkedIn contacts and 543893 mySpace friends today! #
  • Would you follow yourself if you’d look at your last 10 tweets? No? Then why should anyone else. I am going to post this to my wall. #
  • What does 451 followers but zero updates tell you? The guy must be reaching his audience from the off in a supernatural way. He’s got skills #
  • I wanted to hike a 14er this weekend. Turns out the we can’t really agree where to meet. He doesn’t want to meet half way. Selfish SOB! #
  • I have been followed by at least 25 phone sex accounts on Twitter in the last day. I am wondering what I did wrong. I didn’t even fantasize #
  • Here is another good one: The profile text states: “Follow me if you want to become a Spicy Model!! ” – If course I followed right away :-) #
  • @StLCardsGuy I’m on it: I’ll get waxed & spray tanned this weekend. I already ordered some butt implants on Amazon as well :-) in reply to StLCardsGuy #
  • @StLCardsGuy Nothing better than to talk some serious business on Twitter at the time when everyone is already drunk & crawling on the floor in reply to StLCardsGuy #
  • @StLCardsGuy Sometimes u need to test people’s humor.I dropped 500 followers earlier this week.After this thread another 5k might follow ;-) in reply to StLCardsGuy #
  • @JayGaddis Where do the deep men that already know how to dance fit in? Should they learn knitting instead? in reply to JayGaddis #
  • Have you seen the pics of the landslide in Germany yet? http://bit.ly/1UfUki Oooops – big time. 2 houses gone – others now have a view… #
  • @DaveTaylor Booster seat? U mean an ejection seat in case your kids drive you bonkers? Mr. Jackson’s backpack is on sale – comes with remote #
  • Isn’t it nice to be invited to a house warming party and the host keeps his address top secret?I am a NICE guy I won’t mention any names ;-) #
  • @prosperitygal I am just being punished for not running Brightkite. Some geeks are just truly evil ;-) Had to ruin my weekend… in reply to prosperitygal #
  • @davidwtrs My slow functioning brain needs help. Why should I compare 10 top hosting services when I’ve been happy with one of them for yrs? in reply to davidwtrs #
  • Some guys now must recommend 500+ people on #ff. Makes me feel special to be in that exclusive club. Everyone loves everyone – perfect world #
  • @moorjames Dude, did you just read my post from a few minutes ago? You’re sending spam where it is not appreciated. bugger off. in reply to moorjames #
  • @prosperitygal One of Brighkite’s functions is that you can track where your friends are. Sort of George Orwell for iPhone users ;-) in reply to prosperitygal #
  • My brand new stats: I’ve been blocked by 234,632 Twitter users & 98% of my FB friends are hiding my updates.How is that for being outspoken? #
  • @Dr_SG Gracias. I am actually much less cynical than it often appears to be. Pssionate is much more like it. Doesn’t always come across ;-) in reply to Dr_SG #
  • @littlefoxy Imagine how depressing it would be to get stats about who blocks u on Twitter & hides you on FB. I’m good in making stuff up ;-) #
  • I am the suckiest driver in the world when I am driving & texting. They should rather allow alcohol and ban SMS. I don’t drink but still ;-) #

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