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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Adults changing a relationship status on FB can cause huge drama. As for teenagers: It has the potential for disaster. I’d take it away. #
  • Beer consumption in Germany down 5% in the first 6 months of ’09. That’s like a national hunger strike over there. #
  • We broke 1,000 fans at http://facebook.com/conceptbakery I can’t send the person flowers since FB doesn’t allow to track who joined when :-( #
  • I am in creative mode today. It just doesn’t help that my super-fantastic ideas can’t be applied to the work sitting on my desk today ;-) #
  • @ljordana Welcome to the club. I keep track of all my ideas & eventually many of them get applied. My day just unfolds in an unexpected way in reply to ljordana #
  • Texting while driving increases the risk of an accident 23 times. That’s worse than driving totally drunk & getting a BJ at the same time #
  • @BriefEpisode You always need a negative sample group to prove a thesis. I’ll forward your information ;-) #
  • Swimming World Championships in Rome: Whoever has the fastest swim suit wins. Material is apparently more important than in car racing ;-) #
  • Got a couple of new personal blog posts: http://www.klaus2go.com One on my biggest shadow plus one on chasing a butterfly… #
  • A 40 yr old guy decides to climb into a race car & drives in a circle about 60 times in a few weeks: It i the headline in all German papers. #
  • His name is Michael Schumacher – u might have heard the name. He will replace Felipe Massa in his Ferrari in at least the next F1 race. #
  • The risk with sending automated direct messages is that sometimes they are so far off that it becomes funny again. Keep bringin them on ;-) #
  • In case you want to see something really weird – as a swimmer in a pink full body suit: http://bit.ly/1694Sv WRONG!!! #
  • All borders in Mallorca closed due to an attack on Guardia Civil. Not a good day for traveling over there. #
  • Belgrad: Two girls naked on a balcony. Husband likes to watch. Wife is getting upset & sues…the travel agency for ruining her vacation :-) #
  • Economic crisis projected to be over in 2010. Gap between rich & poor widened. Empty pockets everywhere. That’s a lot to recover from… #
  • I’ve watched a total of 10 minutes of TV in the last 10 weeks. That amounts to about $10 per minute. Not too bad for our quality programming #
  • Anybody interested in how fast the grass/weeds are growing in my backyard? No? I thought so. How about my front yard then? ;-) #
  • @JebDickerson I’m not turning my backyard wilderness into a digital arts project. I’d have problems if I’d have time to watch weeds grow ;-) #
  • My little secret on how I avoid fighting with my teenage daughter: http://bit.ly/XQ8cp #

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