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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • @Paul_Holgorsen I guess you are talking about Swiss Chocolate? If I don’t have it it does indeed effect everything else in my life ;-) in reply to Paul_Holgorsen #
  • Abu Dhabi to buy 9.1% of Daimler – new largest shareholder. All cars to come with 18k gold interior in their standard edition from now on;-) #
  • @Paul_Holgorsen I could maybe do a silent retreat (as long as I still have Twitter and FB). But no coffee would be a total deal breaker. in reply to Paul_Holgorsen #
  • Commerzbank forecasts a decline of 6-7% for the German economy in ’09 and no increase for 2010. Just A little Monday morning reality check. #
  • Remember the Exxon Valdez? Today is the 20 year anniversary of the largest oil spill in US history – thanks to a drunk captain. #
  • South Africa denies Dalai Lama a visa to attend a peace conference http://is.gd/owCt – Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. #
  • 15 year old dies after the police tasered him. I thought tasers were more fun. Sort of like paintball.Must have gotten something wrong there #
  • A German traveling to Dubai & decides to walk through the city naked.Apparently he is a little confused.That saved him from a ton of trouble #
  • @Patrick_Grady Running around naked in public in an Islamic country is not recommended in the tour guide the last time I checked. in reply to Patrick_Grady #
  • @jsigwart I agree with u. I think tasers have really been underestimated in how dangerous they are.Fortunately I don’t speak from experience in reply to jsigwart #
  • @Patrick_Grady I am known to speak my truth. Traveling to a country where that generally is not appreciated is usually a no-go for me in reply to Patrick_Grady #
  • German president Horst Koehler held a rather epic speech today. He doesn’t exactly look like Obama but he spoke a ton of truth. Sorry no URL #
  • If u are not completely hooked on the new 17″ Macbook u might consider the older one. I just snatched a nice one for 2k: http://is.gd/oJzE #
  • A postcard from Austria just reached its recipient in Germany. How is that special? It was mailed in 1961! Took 48 yrs.Talk about snail mail #
  • @Java4Two 48 years for delivering a postcard? I could do better then that even when I am in total procrastination mode. in reply to Java4Two #
  • Great Britain to plan the surveillance of all social networks. All Twitter terrorists should be careful in planning their next food fight;-) #
  • @timbrauhn George Orwell would be proud of the British government. They are doing an awesome job in turning his great vision into reality. in reply to timbrauhn #
  • @timbrauhn The Internet being safe? Personally I am happy if my identity is stolen less than 3 times per day ;-) in reply to timbrauhn #
  • I am at a Starbucks and everyone talks serious business. I hear: Sales, territory, reps, management, spreadsheet… I am out of here… #
  • @whosChrisHughes I feel like I am the middle of a corp. business meeting. I left that world 10 yrs ago. I’ll need PeptoDismal if I stay ;-) in reply to whosChrisHughes #
  • @pugofwar @racquelmorris @bohemianhippie I am just thinking of a good exit line. Yeah Starbucks isn’t all that. But this is a Buisinessbucks #
  • As for Chinese cars: The new Brilliance BS4 scored 0 (zero) out of 5 stars at a crash test in Germany. A great present for “special” friends #
  • US government wants more transparency for hedge funds. That’s as good as closing them down. Honestly: They won’t really be missed very much. #
  • @JRU_1962 It also makes a great company car in case u want to scale down ur workforce. Mother in laws are another target market. Sry me bad in reply to JRU_1962 #
  • @mommy_grrl Of course German car test are very rigorous.So far each single one of them has completely failed.Eventually they’ll get it right in reply to mommy_grrl #
  • @LongLostViking We’ll feel some pain w/o hedge funds initially. But life was good before them.They don’t really serve the common good at all in reply to LongLostViking #
  • @JRU_1962 If anyone dies in one of these cars it will be on us because we are putting bad energy out there. I should stop now… in reply to JRU_1962 #
  • @LongLostViking A vacuum is usually filled with dirt. And afterwards everything is nice and clean – Old Chinese Proverb made up by me…) in reply to LongLostViking #
  • @mommy_grrl That’s my lesson to be learned. Maybe have one conversation after the other – not 2 or 3 at the same time. ;-) in reply to mommy_grrl #
  • @LongLostViking I’ve seen how hedge funds operate. It is really not a sustainable biz model once you add some common sense to the mix… in reply to LongLostViking #
  • @LongLostViking An economy growing at 3 – 4 percent and some guys constantly try to squeeze out 20% returns will eventually have its impacts in reply to LongLostViking #
  • I’ll spend the next 6 hours compiling my #followfriday list. I already told my management (=myself) that I am not avail work work that day. #
  • It is hard to believe the change in speed between a 2.33 ghz / 2gb ram Macbook Pro versus 2.5 ghz / 4gb ram. What a difference a day makes #
  • I am feeling really bad for the homeless people in Denver today. A whiteout is not exactly a great day for the outdoors. #
  • @Deetells That’s good to know. You really don’t want anyone out there today. in reply to Deetells #
  • Swiss banks told their employees not to leave the country due to tax inspectors waiting for them abroad. I guess Skiing and hiking it is ;-) #
  • Cindy Spelling (Aaron Spelling’s widow) is putting her little shack on the market for $150 mil. The yard is too small :-) http://is.gd/pfRN #
  • One of the benefits of having gone to school in Germany: No pledge of allegiance in the morning. U just sit down and take ur morning nap ;-) #
  • Whoever is in charge of Honda racing will not be too happy today. The got rid of their Formula One team and the guys start winning races… #
  • @pamdodd Japanese teachers must stand up & sing their anthem when their flag is being raised.I am just not ceremonial enough for such things in reply to pamdodd #
  • @pamdodd I could do without the “god” in any pledges as well. Last time I checked religion and government were supposed to be separated. #
  • @mickgregory Sounds like u are trying to drag me into daily politics? ;-) Twitter square-offs are not my cup of tea. Enjoy a peaceful Sunday in reply to mickgregory #

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