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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Strict smoking ban introduced in Turkey incl. the tea houses. Only exceptions: Prisons, retirement home and psychiatric hospitals. Go figure #
  • @JRU_1962 Yes, u figured that out in no time. If u are an insane, retired prisoner you also get to stuff your hookah w. whatever u want ;-) in reply to JRU_1962 #
  • Francis of Assisi is getting competition: Silvio Berlusconi wants to revamp his life and wants to do a pilgrimage. Maybe to Playboy Mansion? #
  • Need a laugh? Check out this fake Barack Obama Facebook profile by a German paper: http://bit.ly/mGEiv #
  • Kelly Hildebrandt finds someone with the same name on FB. Now they are getting married. I will not marry anyone with my name. That’s firm. #
  • When you are for and with wonderful people then life is good. I’m Just a Lucky So-and-So ;-) #
  • Some people are posting weird stuff. I know what you are thinking. There are still three fingers pointing back at you though ;-) #
  • Did you know u can also be relevant by keeping it quiet- at least once in a while? Not everyone that doesn’t post every day is irrelevant #
  • 153 new followers in the last few days. Even though it is time consuming I will check you out right now. Hoping for some good findings. #
  • I like to follow people whose tweets I could favorite here or then. If someone has zero tweets but follows me that is a bit hard to do #
  • #ff @AnnabelKaye @socialmediatek @googleslave @ChicagoDesign After just going through 159 new followers these are my favorites. #
  • Also check out @diptychal for is awesome Twitter background #
  • Blog post about “Get Social Media Now” – a new service offering we just launched this week: http://bit.ly/54GGM – No worries: It is not 4 u #
  • @NewsSocialMedia Thanks for the RT. We tried to create something meaningful there. Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions. in reply to NewsSocialMedia #
  • What’s the last time you did something you haven’t done in 20 years? I’d encourage you to try it out full steam. This is not for 21 yr olds! #
  • @JayGaddis It proves the point that there are actually some non-social-media gurus in Boulder county. I could have lost a bet on that one. in reply to JayGaddis #
  • Edmond Salis copies Bleriot’s flight across the channel 100 yrs ago in an exact replica of the Blériot XI. AMAZING pis: http://bit.ly/y0BcX #
  • Look at Felipe Massa‘s helmet after the accident: http://bit.ly/lyuMu His skull got fractured. At the end he is still lucky to be alive. #
  • What is so appealing to only listen to voices that tell us what we like to hear? Versus gaining insight by listening to inconvenient truths? #
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