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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Did you know there is a “water footprint” now as well? USa, Germany & Japan are leading the pack. WWF study will be out tomorrow. #
  • Hard to believe: According to a WWF study it takes 140 ltrs or 36 glns of water to generate 1 cup of coffee. That’s everything factored in #
  • @themediapod It will show how authentic the WWF is: Will they disclose this number or not? in reply to themediapod #
  • @mongrelstyle Yes life without coffee sucks. But I’m on the guilt trip now knowing that every cup uses up an entire bathtub of water. in reply to mongrelstyle #
  • How many mafia families have u been added to so far? If u care u don’t send out mass DM’s right? Rather invite me to some nonsense on FB ;-) #
  • Can you believe there are still 229 people sitting in Guantanamo? I am wondering how much that little camping ground has cost us so far. #
  • A new study shows the most dangerous cities in Europe. The winner is: Brussels with 11.2 thefts per 1,000 people.London & Amsterdam are next #
  • Germany has the lowest birthrate & highest mortality rate in Europe. Population shrank by 168k last yr. No more: Love is all around? #
  • Steve Jobs was seen wearing boots to the office today: One of them got stuck in Mr. Schmitt’s bouteille. #
  • @DarrellBrogdon Birth rate: Negative outlook on future, people marrying at a later age. Mortality rate: Simple demographics. They’re old. in reply to DarrellBrogdon #
  • Great suggestion from a Russian soccer fan official for fans visiting Wales:Drink enough Whiskey to protect urself from swine flu infections #
  • Just a little piece of advice for everyone running parental control at home. It is not enabled at the Apple Store in the mall. Got that? #
  • Wondering what lil’ Kim & big Bill are talking about today. Hair styling tips? Been traveling much lately? Got burgers? Wanna watch a movie? #
  • Eventually people will check for a FB name availability before they name their babies ;-) Good branding can never start early enough #
  • You are living life to the fullest today, correct? Or do you have a day of your life to waste? I certainly don’t. #
  • I spent more time on the phone in the last 48 hrs than I usually do in a month. I am still waiting for T-Mobile’s stretched limo to pull up. #
  • RT @DaveTaylor: What’s happening in South Africa as they prep for the World Cup next year? http://snurl.com/otpvg @saproject #worldcup #
  • I got some nice feedback re my personal blog post about parenting a teen from a few days ago. Take what you like… http://bit.ly/XQ8cp #
  • What would u do if you’d win the lottery this week? I’d invite all my Twitter & Facebook friends to a huge party. Jackpot please!!! #
  • @Ariluv @DarrellBrogdon @tjrum I haven’t played the lottery in 20 years. But I’ll buy a ticket today. Can’t just put hollow word out there. in reply to Ariluv #
  • Twitter & FB down & everyone points at Defcon 17. I thought they are just “A few good men” discussing some latest trends & developments ;-) #
  • Bringing down the house: Thanks to all Georgians & Russians whiz kids cooperating nicely & giving everyone a day off yesterday. #
  • @DaveTaylor You really aren’t into downhill skiing. That’s not exactly top secret. Google “Birds of Prey” and you’ll find Beaver Creek ;-) #
  • 9 financial experts & a 5 year old parrot competed at an 6 week investment game in South Korea. The parrot came in 3rd. I’d quit my job #
  • Got to see Bonepony last night. Super high energy. I am not into Bluegrass or Country. But these guys don’t fit any genre anyway. They rock #
  • Think of the most dysfunctional family u can imagine. Take that times 1000. That’s what the conference of Fatah in Bethlehem looks like. #
  • I don’t like terrorists – no matter what their cause is. They’re trying to use the power of fear. Can’t we just leave that to the religions? #
  • @LaurenBlaine Nice reply! I don’t think we can ever root out fear in this world. But there is fear we can control by being self conscious. in reply to LaurenBlaine #

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