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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • 15 DM's since last night about me being invited to join in somewhere. My reply: "U've been added to my spammers wall. U should check it out" #
  • conceptbakery blog post explaining our definition of "passive viral marketing" http://is.gd/2ax1w – feel free to rip it apart ;-) #
  • RT @JayGaddis: If you really want to feel happy, you have to be willing to feel the opposite. #menspersonaldevelopment #
  • My fortune cookie reads: "A thrilling time is in your immediate future". Nice. How about adding a TinyURL with some more specifics? #
  • I'm still trying to figure out what Friendfeed is getting out of the FB buyout – except full pockets for their owners. Water & oil don't mix #
  • @BrettGreene Heaven is like when you can grab all the stuff in the Apple store & take it home with you. Including the guys at the genius bar in reply to BrettGreene #
  • M. Schumacher not to come back. The dude almost broke his head off 6 months ago. Didn't the doctor tell him to take it easy for some 50 yrs? #
  • RT @db: Hitler is NOT happy about Facebook acquiring FriendFeed (video): http://bit.ly/nDkGv via @GradonTripp That's sums it all up :-) #
  • Life is good when u have a FB fan page where ur visitors keep each other in check. If someone is out of line we don't have to act on it. #
  • An 18 yr old in Spain wants to buy a car but is short some $$$. He offers nude pics of his sister to the seller. The girl is 11. All wrong!! #
  • @marshamaung Wanting a car that badly that he offers nude pics of his little sister?I'd let the sister light up the car in front of his eyes in reply to marshamaung #
  • Female boxing to become Olympic in 2012: Gloves sold out. Boxing ring going up across the street. Just please don't go co-ed on me ;-) #
  • Survey of favorite activities of the Dutch: 4. Sex , 3. Outdoor activities, 2. Talking to friends. The winner is: 1. Visiting the bathroom. #
  • Anybody taking their ride to pebble beach this weekend? No? I thought so. Shouldn't have done cash for clunkers ;-) #
  • I hardly ever say this but I am so proud of myself: Today is my mom's birthday and I did NOT forget about it. Huge. No dog house 4 me today #
  • A 13 yr old girl from the Netherlands wants to sail around the world. Alone. Maybe her parents made her? Instead of "go to your room"… #
  • Personal blog post on my to-do list to overcome personal crisis. Sort of my own 13 step common sense program: http://is.gd/2itIb #
  • @littlefoxy Thanks! It takes some self discipline 4 to do pro-active crisis management. Staying focused on my path helped speeding things up in reply to littlefoxy #

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