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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Paul Lewis falls from 10,000 feet. His parachute doesn’t open. Is he dead? No. Broken bones? No. Beware! We do have aliens on this planet #
  • I slightly altered the look of my back. Here is my tattoo explained: http://bit.ly/14CNlM #
  • If I’d be a 100m runner & my name would NOT be Usain Bolt I’d pick up horseback riding, table tennis, chess or poker. Anything but running. #
  • RT @jennyjenjen: The 2010 World Cup Ticket Fund helps bring dreams closer to reality http://is.gd/2kBij (via @saproject) #
  • Do u want to hear about “amazing client meetings” I/we are having? Not happening. I much rather talk about results. Very outdated, I know. #
  • New rule at Air France. Men won’t be placed next to kids (12 and younger) traveling alone any longer. Great! How about some more rules? #
  • How Long to Do You Whine When You Accidentally Erase Your Work?: http://EzineArticles.com/?id=1984407 #
  • Readers Digest filing for chapter 11. What took them so long? What would u do to restructure it? Add it to Kindle? iPhone app? Beg 4 mercy? #
  • @AnnabelKaye @StLCardsGuy Yes Readers Digest is still around. And yes it a great brand but what do you do with it? Revenue model anyone? in reply to AnnabelKaye #
  • Everyone on FB is taking the Myers Briggs test. IQ test is also on FB. Rorschach is on Wikipedia. Soon we’ll see DIY psychotherapy in public #
  • As for self testing: Soon defendants will be ordered by the courts to self-evaluate on FB & turn in their results at the court’s fan page #
  • How many email offers for 20 foot flag poles do you get per day? My front yard could resemble the United Nations sidewalk in NYC by now ;-) #
  • @SmithWill Overuse of the F-word at IgniteBoulder? That’s exactly what I heard as well. I’d rather watch South Park ;-) #
  • Would u rather go voting in Afghanistan today or run across a field packed with land mines? Or both? I’d rather do the entire X Games twice #
  • What would you do if you’d be the president of Twitter for one day ? Except make every single Twitter user follow u and hard code it? #
  • @jelenawoehr Doesn’t followfriday turn all of us into “relationship gurus” ? ;-) in reply to jelenawoehr #
  • @jelenawoehr Dating advice & Twitter doesn’t make sense either.How can u date when u are glued to the screen & loose all ur social skills;-) in reply to jelenawoehr #
  • A Japanese traveler chains his suitcase to a bench at the Hamburg railway station & takes a stroll. 1/2 the station got evacuated. Bombastic #
  • I know this is going to turn into an unfollow Friday for me but I could totally live in a world w/o song from Bruce Springsteen & Bob Dylan #
  • @DarrellBrogdon @z3rr0 I’ll gladly extend that list. Darrell you are right. Sometimes it just takes another performer to turn it all around in reply to DarrellBrogdon #
  • @BrettGreene You beat me to the clock ;-) I think we need a gathering with @z3rr0 and agree to agree on a few things. in reply to BrettGreene #
  • I wish I could contract some sort of highly infectious virtual STD and all these Twitter hugs would stop. I want the real thing or nada. #
  • Apparently 6 wifes of the King of Swaziland spent $6 Million on a little shopping spree. Of course strollers & diapers are expensive… #
  • As for the Italian guy who won $212 million in the Lottery: I hope he’s not on FB. He’d have 50,000 friend requests by now. Choose wisely! #
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