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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • 245k visitors at Gamescom in Cologne. I’m wondering how much more the popularity of video games is going to increase.What if there were none #
  • Wow!!! It is only 8:08 Am. I already had 97 fantastic client meetings and 123 of them went amazingly well. GREAT ENERGY!!! Yeah, right… #
  • @BrettGreene Beatles Rock Band looks great & should be a hit towards Xmas. I’d still rather learn a real instrument. Very old school I know. in reply to BrettGreene #
  • As for Blackwater & the CIA torture reports: This is one of the darkest chapters of our recent history. We can’t sweep it under the carpet. #
  • I let a program named tune-up do some mastery on my iTunes song collection. It did a marvelous job in filling in the blanks. Huge time-saver #
  • @zsazsa As for the big meth bust in Denver: I guess we should all check if our kids are still answering their phones ;-) in reply to zsazsa #
  • In one way FB is nicer to me than many other entities: http://bit.ly/7jDTQ #
  • I am at a Starbucks were tons of older ladies walk in. They all hug each other & are enthusiastic. Must be some 75 year high school reunion #
  • Our government needs all the paper they can get their hands on. Don’t throw the useless yellow pages away. Eventually it’ll all turn into $ #
  • @TuneUp My only trouble is downloading the cover art. Tune-up constantly freezes after a couple of downloads. Any suggestions? #
  • The Wired article about Craigslist is now online as well. Interesting corporate culture to say the least. http://is.gd/2ygG3 #
  • Apparently heavier people have smaller brains when they grow old. Maybe our 85lb “super models” are the brainiacs in the retirement home? #
  • 6 million tobacco related deaths forecast for 2010. This should challenge ALL of us to come up with a global campaign that works. #
  • I want to see a fetus sail around the world by him/herself & arrive as an 18 mth old at its final destination. Who cares about a 13yr old? #
  • @purityproducts In our jackass ridden world people do anything to stick out. I’m wearing a neck bracelet because I shake my head too hard #
  • Way too many FB Fan Pages are dead. There needs to be more incentive to keep them alive. It’s like one big graveyard out there. #
  • Big error on the front page of the largest German news site (spiegel.de). Took 0.3 seconds to spot it.Wondering how long they’ll take to fix #
  • @derspiegel Buback was shot in 1977 not in 1967 as stated on your homepage… #
  • This must be the weirdest looking Hotel in the Universe: http://bit.ly/2Gv1dP
    9 rooms, located in France #
  • What’s the Virality of Your Marketing Efforts? Passive Viral Marketing As the Key to Success?: http://EzineArticles.com/?id=2756265 #
  • Day two of my exploring the greater Phoenix Area is en route. @roseannhiggins is clearly the most qualified person to show you around. #
  • Wildfires in California? Aha. Why is that clogging the headlines? How about: It is raining in Seattle instead? That’s really unusual as well #
  • For some mysterious reasons the Japanese suddenly learned to say no. LDP is given a break from the exhaustive job of “same old same old” #
  • @DaveTaylor Chicago? Are u going all gangsta or something like that? “daveaonmob.com” or are you at the set of some godfather remake? #
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