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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Afghanistan commander General Stanley McChrystal is asking for a new strategy. How about armoring our vehicles with pornographic images? #
  • Peugeot 407 Coupé HDI 240: The most powerful Peugeot ever. (240bhp) What’s so special about it? It is a Diesel getting 33mpg. Way to go. #
  • Chris Brown states that he still wants to stay friends with Rihanna. I guess we’d call that a long distance relationship. Or maybe pen pals? #
  • Got a very personal blog? You might relate to this post then: http://bit.ly/17TUbD #
  • @BrettGreene If the Taliban could do such a bombing that they’d turn the moon into a permanently crescent one ;-) #
  • Gaddafi is having a little get together re his 40yr anniversary. Apparently he is trying to beat the opening ceremony of the ’08 Olympics. #
  • You know the summer is over when Starbucks talks about pumpkin spiced latte. I didn’t need to see that reminder. #
  • I located and unfollowed about 100 spammers with twitblock. You are in trouble if you pop up in their search results ;-) Nifty tool. #
  • “Uncle Ho” passed away 40 years ago. I haven’t been shedding too many tears yet. I think the Kleenex box is safe today ;-) #
  • I am getting the vibe that the “quietly reflecting over the impact of the iPhone” time at Nokia is over. Apple better be ready for them… #
  • @ewu The N900 and Nokia’s location based services will sure challenge Apple to step up their game a little. At the end we’ll all benefit… in reply to ewu #
  • 2G iPhones are still hot. Posted mine on Craigslist & sold it within 20 Mins. Got $20 more than I paid for it a yr ago.Unusual for tech gear #
  • uSocial now selling 1,000 FB friends for $177. Give me a break. Can you please go away. Is Dr. Evil trying to bring down the FB house? #
  • @DaveTaylor I was called a subtly cruel genius by a good common friend of ours last night. Eventually I’ll have to pay for people saying Hi in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • @doylealbee @timbrauhn Just think of all the teens: Their # of friends directly correlates with their popularity. There goes their allowance in reply to doylealbee #
  • FB Relationship status: Why don’t they let us list our ex-girlfriends? Sometimes that would be way more entertaining then our current status #
  • @chrisrobertson1 Yes indeed. Imagine all the drama that would be causing: When, how long & who broke up should also be disclosed. U go FB:-) in reply to chrisrobertson1 #
  • The wife of Japan’s new prime minister claims that she spent a night on planet Venus in the 70’s. Why not just admit that you were into LSD? #
  • Leading French chess player turns up drunk to a match & falls asleep after 11 moves. He lost the round on “technical grounds”. Nice term. #
  • Here is a link to the chess player story http://bit.ly/EL9L9 #
  • Upgraded to Snow Leopard & my network printer still works;-) My favorite plugin (widemail) is broken for now. Should have done more research #
  • mybloglog somehow dropped a ton of our blog visitors this week. They don’t show in the widget any longer. Did this happen to anyone else? #
  • 5 more banks were closed by the FDIC this weekend. Total number for 2009: 89. 25 banks were closed last year and 3 in 2007. Go figure… #
  • Afghanistan election update: 75% of the votes are counted already. The voting took place 17 days ago.Someone must have bombed the calculator #
  • GDP change 3rd qtr 08 to 2nd qtr 09: Singapore -9.9% Mexico -8.8% Japan -8.3% Germany -6.9% USA -3.9% Poland +2.2% India + 7.6% China +10.1% #

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