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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • A BBC Film Crew found a rat the size of a cat in Papua New Guinea http://is.gd/2ZP5K – It sure won’t fit into Paris Hilton’s handbag… #
  • The Snow Leopard update messed up the look of Firefox quite nicely (>>fonts). I am still not switching to Safari…sorry Apple, nice try ;-) #
  • If anyone else adds me to their mafia family I might add you to someone’s real family – ready for some top notch dysfunctionality? #
  • In case anyone of u is thinking of getting the names or faces of their kids as a tattoo: I’d hold off until they passed the teenage days ;-) #
  • Obama is stressing the importance of studying & education. His critics call it socialist indoctrination. How are our kids going to catch up? #
  • @decisionstats That’s the impression I got when I went to UCLA. Our kids can do so much better. But it requires a shift in our value system. in reply to decisionstats #
  • @johnincolorado i’m sure there is more to the story. I’m more concerned with a general shift in focus: less video games and mtv – more books #
  • Jessica Watson’s attempt to sail around the world ends in less than 24 hrs. In proportion that’s like hitting ur mailbox on the way 2 work #
  • @BrettGreene Are clear about the fact that Crocs are by far the ugliest shoes on the planet?But if they do good they deserve support #9crocs in reply to BrettGreene #
  • @BrettGreene I grew up in Birkenstockland and have an ugly shoe trauma. Crocs and Birkenstock will never see a dime from me ;-) in reply to BrettGreene #
  • @BrettGreene I’d rather wear red cowboy boots & a Borat style body suit than putting on some Crocs. Don’t dare me, I’ve some chicken left;-) #
  • @DaveTaylor That still leaves 5.8 billion people without an iPod. What’s wrong with Apple? Can’t they push a little harder? in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • Dubai opened a luxury Metro today. Most probably the nicest one in the world. But who will trade their Bentley, Rolls or Benz for a Metro? #
  • Signor Berlusconi claims he is just like every other Italian: “I was poor, I love soccer, I smile, I love others, especially pretty women” #
  • @scotsboyuk Berlusconi basically tells us the country’s males are playboys, everything is game to get rich & u can get away with anything;-) in reply to scotsboyuk #
  • FB & StudiVZ reach a settlement & StudiVZ is allowed to continue. I am sure FB has already thought of a new way to suck the life out of them #
  • $10 entry fee for Tourists without a Visa. We are turning ourselves into an amusement park.How about some roller coasters at each airport;-) #
  • Big surprise – not. German women win their 5th European Football Championship in a row. That was about as predicable as Santa coming to town #
  • “Remastered” Beatles Albums on sale at Starbucks. Who buys them in ’09? I got the blue, red & white album some 25 yrs ago. And I was late. #
  • A Tibetian Mastiff has been sold for $585,000. I just put my dogs on Craigslist for 750k. It’s a two in one deal. DM me if you’re interested #
  • @SmithWill My dogs will fart in your face, burp and barf on your carpet. If they be perfect they’d be over a million each ;-) in reply to SmithWill #
  • @DaveTaylor For you the price just increased to 1.4 million. Insulting my well behaved animals… :-) in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • @DaveTaylor Let’s hold off until 2012 with your generous offer. We need a bit of inflation to kick in first. Eventually it’ll be a steal ;-) in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • LEt’s shoot for Illegal Pete’s – never been there yet. Time for something new. Looking forward to it #
  • Amazon lowers its price for a Kindle to $299. I wouldn’t want one for $50. As for the books: Proprietary formats suck. #

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