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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • A stewardess on an Air India flight accuses the co-pilot of sexual harassment. A fight breaks out between pilots & stewardesses. 2 injuries #
  • How do u protect yourself from that upcoming cold / flu? I believe in the placebo effect. Do whatever ur grandma told u works best. #
  • A study claims that sperm promotes longevity. U don’t want to know what I am thinking. I don’t want u to know either ;-) http://is.gd/3ZhBN #
  • The authorities at a car race in Australia (Bathurst 1000) are curbing the beer consumption in the crowd to 2.3 gallons per head per day ;-) #
  • Woot has a TomTom for sale. The Germans would clear them out in 2 mins if they could shop here. They’re more popular than beer or sex #
  • Liz Taylor is having heart surgery. I’m wondering who broke it this time. Shame on you guys to mess with an old innocent lady. #
  • Somali pirates find another target & attack. The ship was from the French Navy. Ouch. Don’t we all have a bad day in the office here & then? #
  • I get all the “how to get Twitter right” invites. Well, I’ve been getting it wrong for a looong time and I’m still loving it ;-) #
  • Iceland is still in the midst of a major recession. Guess who is #1 in the world database of happiness? You got it. Money isn’t everything #
  • My day always starts with looking at the headlines of the papers. Today I had a smile & laugh in my face. Pretty strong statement from Oslo. #
  • I am excited to listen to Mr. Obama’s acceptance speech in Oslo. It will be one of a kind. #
  • Since we are celebrating the Nobel Peace Prize this is not a day for rudeness. Let’s be nice to our friends on the other side of the isle #
  • Golf & Rugby will be back for the 2016 Olympics. Golf for the 1st time since 1904, Rugby (1924). Smart choice to pick popular sports. #
  • “123456” is apparently the most popular password for email accounts. “12345678” is next. Why now name your pet & kids like that as well? #
  • I can’t believe how much fighting and bitterness we have on the world today over a Nobel Peace Prize. Maybe it’s time to peace out a little. #
  • Guess what? It’s snowing. How about free prozac at the stores for everyone that doesn’t feel like running outside and build a 15ft snowman? #
  • @SusanHW :-) I might just get declared legally insane today. I live in CO by choice. It’s snowing. People are happy. And the these is me ;-) in reply to SusanHW #
  • @PersistentGreen Persisent green no more. Now we have persistent white, brown and gray. Nice colors for interior design ;-) in reply to PersistentGreen #
  • @PersistentGreen No interior design awards for that one I am afraid. Hang in there. Let’s keep it with Pat Metheny: “Better Days Ahead” in reply to PersistentGreen #
  • Our president is acknowledged for his intentions to bring peace to the world. The world is celebrating. We tear him apart. Feels awkward. #
  • How much $ did we spend on bombing the moon in order to find a bottle of Evian last week? That’d have bought a lot of water in the store ;-) #
  • What’s new in Great Britain? The members of the house of commons are returning from their “summer break” this week. Summer? Really? #
  • @LockwoodChris Nice. Out of office = can’t screw up. Many others come to mind that should be on 11 1/2 months vacation per year ;-) in reply to LockwoodChris #

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