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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • It is nice that the Nobel Economics prize winner Elinor Ostrom’s theories are actually something that the broader public can understand #
  • Here is a blog post on peace. Lots of questions very few answers http://bit.ly/ALAM6 #
  • Downtown Islamabad: “I am just a poor Taliban & I need ur help. Could u just hand me ur nuclear weapons so we could all have a little fun?” #
  • That Sidekick disaster story of the last few days is only one reason why I will NEVER fully buy into the cloud. No matter what they all say #
  • The Herminator is done. The world of skiing looses one of its true characters. I am sure he’ll be missed badly by many of his fellow racers. #
  • Sweet tooth: An 8yr old in Germany tries to buy candy for $2,100. He showed the cashier the cash. He took it from his dad’s desk :-) #
  • No Blogworld for Klaus this year. Musketeers @davetaylor & @doylealbee will run the show just fine. Look for the guys w. the funny hats ;-) #
  • Bonuses at the top 23 banks on Wallstreet are expected to increase 20% over last year. I feel robbed. When is this insanity going to end? #
  • @ericheinzman Words of wisdom Eric. Self restraint still seems to be a totally foreign concept on Wallstreet. We are heading for disaster in reply to ericheinzman #
  • The body shop introduces “LOVE ETC…” – an irresistible & uplifting fragrance. Won’t do anything for me. I’m already there. Yeah right ;-) #
  • 40,000 members of the Moon sect got married in mass events around the world today. I’d like to see one of their mass divorces. #
  • All these people on Twitter tell me they made 300 bucks in a day. Shouldn’t our economy go threw the roof with all this cash flying around? #
  • @BearTwinsMom I can’t believe how many people fall into these obvious traps. Are they all so desperate that they switch off their brain? in reply to BearTwinsMom #
  • @SkydiverKate What will a planet with 6 billion idiots really look like? Going by all my spam DMs we are heading there quickly… in reply to SkydiverKate #
  • @BearTwinsMom If that’s true we might be doing some people injustice. But going by all the win 300 mafia bucks today mails I have my doubts in reply to BearTwinsMom #
  • If you are into cars then google for multiair. The first Alfa with that technology is just hitting the road. Big step in engine development #
  • @DaveTaylor I thought you were in Vegas for Blogworld. Now we learn about your real intension: Breaking the bank at MGM. Wish I was there;-) in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • @DaveTaylor @SmithWill I’d suggest we all continue that conversation at The CUP and then decide who gets to snuggle with whom ;-) LOL in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • Apparently 9 different kinds of giant snakes are taking over the southern US. Running into one of these might cause me to leave the country #
  • @IndianaJones_ Apparently they have no natural enemies and multiply like rabbits. They’ve been seen in Miami. Pythons, Anacondas…Yuck!!! in reply to IndianaJones_ #
  • @pamdodd #followfriday Thanks Pam. But I feel like a blindfolded man without a stick compared to ur insightful posts. Have a great weekend! in reply to pamdodd #
  • Norwegian band AHA will split after their world tour in 2010. They want to do it at “the height of their career”. 20 years late my friends! #
  • Of course I could tweet about #bwe09 all weekend long & do 5000 RT’s. But I’m not there. The stage belongs to others & I’ll better shut up. #
  • The Norwegian have-beens are actually spelled A-ha. My bad. They’re still 20 years past their top & should play in Vegas for the next 25 yrs #
  • Harrods is now selling gold bars. The largest one available is 12.5 kilos and costs 290k Euros. Could I have that double bagged please? #
  • @ashleykingsley Just to say likewise is so lame. But u crack me up. I don’t know how to spell attitude so I can’t say anything about it ;-) in reply to ashleykingsley #
  • “Interracial couples” trying to get married better avoid peace justice Keith Bardwell in Louisiana. He won’t do it. http://is.gd/4mOSJ #
  • She is sick so I haven’t seen her in 5 days. Right now I am just talking to a lot of girls and enjoy the party. We’ll see what happens next #
  • Due to a new study 4% of the world population between 15-64 smokes pot. US, Australia & NZ lead the pack ahead of Europe. Mind-blowing… #
  • What do the words “I have been busy” & “I didn’t have time” used as an excuse really mean? Maybe “I have chosen to spend my time otherwise” #
  • @hdiwan As much as I feel sometimes out of integrity I wouldn’t really wish that on anyone. I am working every day to stay in that spot. in reply to hdiwan #

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