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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Police fighting with drug gangs in Rio. They took a police helicopter down. 6,000 murders so far this year. Still a little clean-up to do… #
  • 192,000 kids in Colorado live in poverty as of 09/07. Biggest increase in % in the nation since 2000. http://www.denverpost.com/ci_13586917 #
  • I like the fact that 4 champions will compete in F1 next year. Let’s make it 5 in 2011. The same guys always being ahead gets kind of old. #
  • An email just suggested for me to look better in a bathing suit next summer. I’ll spare you the before and after pics ;-) #
  • If I go by invites Denver must have more entrepreneur meet-up groups then entrepreneurs. But then Boulder has 1.7 therapists per inhabitant #
  • I am wondering why my parents never sent my on a balloon trip. Or at least tie me to a rocket & shoot me to the moon. They didn’t care ;-) #
  • 3 DUI’s in 17 days? Someone must have pulled a nasty Pavlov conditioning trick on the poor guy ;-) http://is.gd/4sHhj #
  • Here is how to show off as a social media expert: Create your own mess & then put out the fire. And show everyone how good you are :-) #
  • A 10yr old in Germany misses his school bus. He decided to take a shortcut. The police caught him walking on the Autobahn. That’s dedication #
  • Is it just me or is FB very bumpy today? I am getting a lot of errors I haven’t seen before. Maybe they are updating… #
  • Good times for Internet lawyers. The new German government wants to make stronger Internet regulation one of their core objectives. #
  • Just nominated http://www.conceptbakery.com for Social Media Agency http://mashable.com/owa #openwebawards #
  • Have you ever gotten sick because people talk too much about Twitter or FB? I’d prefer a vaccine for that over H1N1 ;-) #
  • @SmithWill Having a Windows 7 launch party in Boulder is as misplaced as having the Burning Man in Colorado Springs ;-) in reply to SmithWill #
  • @JayGaddis I don’t know the fellow. But not letting people out of a sweat lodge and then some of them die doesn’t look good in anyone. in reply to JayGaddis #
  • Lil Wayne going to prison for carrying a loaded gun on his tour bus. That will be a great opportunity to hone his sagging skills. #
  • @DaveTaylor It is called dream walking. Make it dream running instead… in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • A kiss from Charlize Teron on the auction block: A woman outbid all the guys & snatched it for 140k USD. It happened right on stage. Cool! #

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