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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • CEO of Peugot/Citroen axed. Apparently Wagoner is not the only one that slightly underperformed a little. More to come… #
  • Biggest problem in Washington. Way too many jobs aren’t filled yet. Diplomats in Europe are desperate: There simply is no one to talk too. #
  • It might sound strange and surprising to some: 6 years ago I met my wife.Today we are announcing our divorce to the public http://is.gd/pKUT #
  • “Quick-rinse bankruptcy” for GM & Chrysler? The term feels like standing in the appliance section at Sears. Anyone else need a quick rinse? #
  • @NOCrimeExaminer @doylealbee @DaveTaylor @SmithWill If you get a quick rinse you might as well get waxed too. Free air freshener also incl. #
  • @pamdodd Now you are taking medial days. This form of quick rinse could still leave a bad smell. A quick rinse shouldn’t be a quick decision in reply to pamdodd #
  • Plans for FIAT to take over Chrysler: That could lead to Andrea Bocelli singing the national anthem before NASCAR races. #
  • @Philanthropic Of course there will aslo be bruschetta and gelato instead of hot dogs. Slow food at car races could become a whole new trend in reply to Philanthropic #
  • @meganTS This is a time for change. Think of Vespas instead of Harleys for the Police & a stretched Ferrari as the presidential limo ;-) in reply to meganTS #
  • @DaveTaylor No u are putting it all on innocent children. I am sure u begged her for a manicure. incl. nail polish Things don’t just happen. in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • How about a capital without traffic lights & 30 policeman ruling the traffic instead? Try Thimpu, capitol of Bhutan. #
  • I got this: Ur slideshow on SlideShare has been getting a LOT of views in the last 24 hours.Great job … you must be doing something right #
  • Is this just some bot running around at slideshare.net or is this for real? I can’t see the daily stats and I never do anything right anyway #
  • @kenneth_l Somehow our stats went way up, so either they tweaked the numbers or someone else did. Maybe they picked only us for April 1st ? in reply to kenneth_l #
  • @mtthwdyr The link to our slideshows is this: http://is.gd/q6nm Maybe #bestofslideshare is just an April fool’s prank…future tells… in reply to mtthwdyr #
  • @mtthwdyr The first 25 slides of ur presentation look really awesome. But I don’t have time for 88 slides right now. Maybe later. Bookmarked in reply to mtthwdyr #
  • @JebDickerson That was one of the more profound things I’ve read today. Why isn’t everyone on Twitter following you yet? Come on guys… in reply to JebDickerson #
  • Do u have some extremely awesome employees that you have never met? I do! I’ll be heading to Germany this summer & it will be so much fun:-) #
  • Can we do something better than all just wish each other Happy April Fool’s day today? Not much in it 4 me. Maybe an early follow Friday? #
  • Did you know that German YouTube blocked all Music videos? The fees for airing them went up & they said nope. Wondering how long that lasts? #
  • @Hennartonline That sounds much better. Plus I have 2 shipments from woot.com coming in :-) in reply to Hennartonline #
  • @knotby9 We have a very flat hierarchy. I haven’t even promoted myself in years. But I might just do a round of promotions for everyone :-) #
  • I feel like telling my brother who is in Thailand that the police found child porn on his Macbook. But otherwise I’ll try to be nice today. #
  • Very important outcome of the G20 Summit: The Queen, at age 82, finally got an iPod (as gift from Mr. Obama). Rock on girlfriend! #
  • @clickwriter We all know why she is keeping it togther: She has a problem with her son turning UK into organic veggie solar powered country in reply to clickwriter #
  • @gw3 I would say now she is “fully loaded”. That means the entire Mr. Bean and Monty Python collection will fit as well. in reply to gw3 #
  • @DaveTaylor Dave: I am too old to figure out a Zune and I still have a few years to go until I am 82 :-) in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • @clickwriter She is one mysterious women & keeps things to her private. Don’t expect any S&M pictures or the like to go public any time soon in reply to clickwriter #
  • I am waiting for the Queen to come through on Twitter – hammering me for my disrespectful comments. But she must be feeding her dogs now… #
  • @DaveTaylor There plenty of people on Twitter that are not amused. The Queen has a whole lot more game than all the “free ebook” sellers in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • It’s official: Michelle O. is not the prettiest 1st lady on the planet: http://is.gd/qhVk I’m referring to the upper left not the ctr right #
  • @ErkNJrk Most charming, most stylish, smartest, down to earth & a lot of other things in my eyes. She’s also the most sleeveless one as well in reply to ErkNJrk #
  • Bolivia: 6 – Argentina: 1 FYI: The game took place in La Paz. How would u do if you’d play professional soccer at 11,000 ft? Oxygen anyone? #
  • @BrettGreene Is that one of ur famous 20 in 1 tweets?Uu threw in at least 20 words I need to look up now. It’ll take me a week to decipher! #
  • Lots of talk re Google/Twitter negotiations. Be careful Google: The Twitter guys are smart. This could end up in a reverse takeover 4 u ;-) #
  • How about an #unfollowfriday today: @talkstoomuchonline @judgementalsob @factsnotstraight @reallynotfunnyatall oops that’s all me ;-) #
  • @FrostingJewelry @BPerzanowski #unfollowfriday I just hope no one registers today for any of the fake names I just threw out there. ;-) #
  • @FrostingJewelry You might start with about minus 150 followers then :-) in reply to FrostingJewelry #
  • @BPerzanowski #unfollowfriday If these would be legit names I should rot in hell. Since I’m half-way there I really have to watch out. in reply to BPerzanowski #
  • There seems to be some North Korean fireworks coming up. The Japanese are already practicing duck and dive. Too many idiots on this planet. #
  • You have sure heard about the efforts in Afghanistan to curb women’s rights. Have you read about the details? Appalling and outraging !!! #
  • Here is an article in the Guardian about the proposed changes http://is.gd/pNs5 This is happening in the 21st century. Unbelievable #
  • Afghan female rights activists consider it a success that the marriage age was raised from age 9 to age 16. Age 9 ??? #
  • @chaosfilms It is even worse than that. Legalizing rape is only one piece. Living in a maximum security prison in the US is better then that in reply to chaosfilms #
  • If anyone dares to defend this law as Afghanistan’s own cultural business I’ll hop on a plane and kick them in the nuts. #
  • @seanjoreilly I know a lot of people that will claim that this is not Islam. In some places it is just too dangerous to speak up.We’re lucky in reply to seanjoreilly #
  • @DaveTaylor As you know I have my doubts with marriage in general these days ;-) But marriage at age 9 should only be allowed for hamsters. in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • @seanjoreilly I think there is a difference of imposing our standards and defending (or better fighting) basic human rights around the globe in reply to seanjoreilly #
  • @seneca I posted something named “culture vs. tradition” at the blog of our non-profit quite a while ago http://is.gd/f0g9 in reply to seneca #
  • @seanjoreilly I hate to see threat getting into the mix of religious choices. No matter which beliefs are involved. #
  • @henrydavis I think is upon us as individuals to make progress & grow as humans. That adds to the collective & can have an impact in reply to henrydavis #

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