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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • A man tries to smuggle 14 pythons & 10 geckos into Norway. He had them all taped to his body & tried to get in via a ferry. Weirdo! #
  • @ChaChanna @sinanyuzakli I am wondering what the customs officers where thinking? The guy claimed he just REALLY likes reptiles… in reply to ChaChanna #
  • McDonalds is leaving Iceland. It has gotten to expensive to import their supplies. How will their kids ever celebrate birthdays again? #
  • What do u do if someone sends u a friend request on Fb that is obviously not a real person? Let ur entire network see that u add on anyone? #
  • @mattkoshko @andreasmiling I don’t add anyone to my FB friends that doesn’t reveal their identity.No matter what. They should run a fan page in reply to mattkoshko #
  • 2 pilots are on their laptops & overshoot their destination by 150 miles. I guess some of these videos on Youporn are kind of long… ;-) #
  • After brainstorming for videos my head is full sick ideas. Don’t talk to me today, u’ll think I am way out there. Oh, u already do? Ok then #
  • Murderer requests death penalty because life is more comfortable on death row http://is.gd/4FUUe I am sure he’ll get a nice “heavenly bed” #
  • Daimler Germany has admitted to take blood samples from job candidates. “To make sure they are fit for the job”. How caring & protective #
  • ROKU rocks. It took me less than 10 minutes from opening the box to watching a movie. Software update and Netflix account creation included. #
  • @DaveTaylor @BrettGreene OOMA: $229 one time fix, $120 annually for a premium account. It works – plain simple: http://www.ooma.com/ in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • Why would u pay Monster $595 for 2 job postings when 1/2 the country is unemployed & one Twitter posting gets you all the candidates u want? #
  • @DaveTaylor You just need to start dating someone in the 911 department of the police office and they’ll know who you are ;-) in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • @DaveTaylor I think OOMA will enhance their services as they grow. They are just hitting a larger crowd and get out of their geek niche. in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • @ashleykingsley @danalstone @Crazycanuckblog Anyone of you going snow shoeing with me tonight? How about 7PM? Bring it on! ;-) in reply to ashleykingsley #
  • Sarah Palin’s autobiography is #2 on Amazon – it’s not even out yet. Who’s buying? I know you all want to buy me a nice Xmas present…;-) #
  • This woman in Russia just stabbed her 3rd husband. Just like her 1st & 2nd one. Back to prison. Who is 4th? Apparently she’s really hot… #
  • Spam King Sanford Wallace got a little $711 million fine for spamming on FB. Chump change. I think I’ll lay it low on spamming for today ;-) #
  • @franciscogonima You are quoting Nietzsche with a 103 degree fever? I am glad you’ve got your priorities straight ;-) in reply to franciscogonima #
  • @DaveTaylor No drive through I am afraid. Boulder only does “cycle through” #
  • @JayGaddis The last paragraph of the article is just beyond belief. Unfortunately there are a lot of loose cannons like him around. in reply to JayGaddis #
  • How many people elected to congress that u think are total morons does it take for u to migrate to Canada or Mexico? 50? 100? 500? 5000?;-) #
  • 300 German Hells Angels and Bandidos beat the sh#t out of each other in a bar in Duisburg. Nice way to celebrate Halloween… #
  • @zsazsa Yes I am in Germany till 11/11. Planning to spend some time at the beach and get a nice tan going ;-) in reply to zsazsa #

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