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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • That’s a first:”Youtube is down for maintenance and will be back shortly” – Comcast stock just went u 0.000023% ;-) #
  • I sat in a Mercedes cab with 440k miles on the clock today. 1st engine, 1st clutch – owner wants to run it for 2 more years. Mint interior. #
  • Some international leaders should take a class form Angela Merkel in international diplomacy. She is setting an example on many levels. #
  • @BrettGreene Since this article is talking about men and not boys this is all on you, @davetaylor and @doylealbee Congrats! U did it! in reply to BrettGreene #
  • Chinese weather experts decided that Beijing needs a little watering triggered by chemicals. Low temperatures caused a major snow storm. #
  • @gwensutton I am sitting here laughing – but only because I didn’t crash my car & froze my buns off because of someone trying to play god in reply to gwensutton #
  • I have a hunch we’ll be getting out of Afghanistan sooner rather than later. 3/4 of the British support a pull-out by year end. Who’s next? #

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