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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Some of the keywords I am using to weed out the bad apples of my Twitter network: free, followers, ebook, hair loss – got some more? #
  • RT @kenbrand: RT @ShellyKramer If U have MLM or CASH or EXPERT in UR handle, am just not gonna follow U. Sorry. Amen Shelly, might add GURU #
  • @ShellyKramer I’d much rather label myself and anti-guru – especially when it comes to social media. It is really not rocket science… in reply to ShellyKramer #
  • If I’d be the line judge that got threatened by Serena Williams I’d ask to be put into a witness protection program or something like that #
  • A 107 yr old woman in Malaysia is looking for her 23rd husband. Does match.com allow for triple digits or is she stuck with eHarmony? #
  • @snowkitten That’s what they are working on. They are trying to make chocolate more popular in China. The dentists must have a strong lobby in reply to snowkitten #
  • @doylealbee Due to the number of iPhone users in Boulder it might well be one of the biggest disaster zones for ATT. Everyone is complaining in reply to doylealbee #
  • Crash test video of a 1959 Chevy Bel Air being folded together by an 2009 Chevy Malibu: http://is.gd/3pQWr I’d by driving it very carefully #
  • @doylealbee Of course my 3GS runs only on Edge with T-mobile. But other cool phones are coming out soon. My favorite is the Nokia N900 in reply to doylealbee #
  • Apparently 1 in 5 Tweets are free brand advertising. Since I’ve never done that yet I might as well “brand advertise” 500 x in a row now;-) #
  • Showing off: Roman Abramovitch’s new little boat is ready. Length: 170 meters. Cost: 1.2 bln USD – This man must be really claustrophobic #
  • Re my prior post: Some sources report the cost of the Abramovich Yacht to be GBP 300. Others say it is more than 2x that amount due to mods #
  • @marioOlckers Vulgar is a good way to describe it. For the most part big boats seem to satisfy the ego’s of the owners. I don’t get it. in reply to marioOlckers #
  • @markkeeler I am facing the same problem. The best tool to reduce the # of tweeples that don’t make sense in my network I found is mytweeple in reply to markkeeler #
  • Right now there is only one entry for the word “tweet” in Merriam Websters: “a chirping note” – I am wondering when this will be enhanced. #

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