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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Sometimes 140 characters is just totally insufficient. Roman Polanski being arrested today is a perfect example for this. #
  • Attention bank robbers: Too much dynamite means you’ll blow up as well. Happened in Belgium today. They “overdosed” and died. #
  • A man in Saudia Arabia talks openly about his sex life: He’s facing1000 whips & up to 20 yrs in jail. That’s why I hide my status on FB ;-) #
  • Germany’s next state secretary & vice-chancellor is gay. That is what I call progress. It would have been unthinkable only 20 years ago. #
  • Boeing should rename their “787 Dreamliner” to “Maybe 2020 Nightmareliner”. A more accurate name might inspire their workforce ;-) #
  • Toyota most likely to recall 3.8 million cars in the US due to loose floor mats locking the gas pedal. Can’t have 3.8 mln fast & furious ;-) #
  • Bush administration apparently thought of J.K. Rowling to inspire witchcraft. Why didn’t they use her to fix the budget or win a war or two? #
  • A mountain tour with a Segway? U can get it in Germany. Sounds wrong to me. Imagine climbing a 14er with that sucker ;-) http://is.gd/3SoyY #
  • I have about 75 Samsung Plasma delivery confirmations in my spam box. If those all arive I’ll plaster my outside walls with them ;-) #
  • @daveyank The German talk in the article isn’t too relevant. A guy offers Segway tours in the German Alps. That pics tell it all in reply to daveyank #
  • @thirstyboy These Segways have special tires and a wider wheelbase. But a 300lb German sausage eater going downhill will be quite a sight;-) in reply to thirstyboy #
  • The “G4” in Copenhagen is finally coming to an end. I think it was wise from our Prez to push so hard. If Rio doesn’t win they’ll raise hell #
  • That Air force One flight to Copenhagen was a waste of taxpayers money. Michelle’s golden dress should go on eBay to cover the cost ;-) #
  • So there is a bra that converts into 2 gas masks: http://bit.ly/Al07s I’d call a toxic fire all the time ;-) Trivial I know. Shame on me. #
  • I’m a lucky SOB. I signed up for an Ooma premier account one day before they changed their terms for new customers. Prices are up now… #
  • World Cup in 2014. Olympics in 2016. Not a bad time to start learning “Brazilian” & to bring ur Samba dancing & mojito drinking up to par #
  • @anpl32 I really should get my facts straight. My bad. All in all Brazil and especially Rio is just going to have one big party. in reply to anpl32 #
  • Swedish special forces practiced at home for a stint in Afghanistan. They got lost and blew up the wrong house. Not bad for a start. #
  • As for Rio 2016: They should replace the opening ceremony with a 4 hr concert of Ivan Lins, Eliane Elias, Djavan & Bossacucanova. That’ll do #
  • Reinhard Mohn, the godfather of Bertelsmann is dead. He shaped a company philosophy that every company in the world should learn from. #

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