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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • A man in Germany stops his car right in the middle of the street & barfs in front of two guys: “Sh*t, I am drunk”. Too bad they were cops #
  • @samlevin That evening could have ended on a better note for that fellow. He could have shredded his license right at the spot. in reply to samlevin #
  • The new health care bill has 1990 pages. I wonder if people will grind through it in the same way as they did with Twilight Series. #
  • @hh_alaska A popular main character and a steep drama curve usually make for a strong best seller. Edward & Harry Potter are good examples in reply to hh_alaska #
  • Strong wind and low consumption at night: Wind power provided 53% of Spain’s power output last night. New record. #
  • Goldman Sachs CEO says he is just a banker “doing gods work”. How humble. I would like to hear Obama’s off-the-record comment on that. #
  • RT @doylealbee: New Northwest cockpit layout. Funny! http://pic.gd/ecfc00 #
  • The Berlin wall went down 20 years ago. I was there. If any old pics of me show up I’ll die of embarrassment. 80’s fashion was beyond brutal #
  • @kenneth_l Only if I get to photoshop the pics before publishing ;-) in reply to kenneth_l #
  • Larry King interviewed our hottie darling Carrie Prejean. If I’d be him I would have asked for 6 weeks vacation in return to recover from it #
  • A Mexican drug boss is listed as 41st on Forbes’ list of most powerful people. I am wondering how that list will look like in 10yrs from now #
  • Apparently there is frozen water on the moon. Richard Branson might already be talking to Crystal Geyser re a “Moon Edition” table water #
  • As for missed opportunities: No whining please. There is always another one around the corner. Keep your focus and energy where it belongs. #
  • Did u know that Enid Blyton wrote 753 books? That’s 1 book per month for 62.75 years. I guess she had no problems with publisher’s deadlines #

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