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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • The U.N. Hunger Summit starts today in Rome. The fact that we still need to have such an event is a shame. Hunger stats are actually growing #
  • GM: 1.2 bln quarter loss. Wants to pay back government debt – with $ it doesn’t really have & ask for government help in Germany. #
  • Mercedes takes over Brawn GP & starts his own F1 team. 54 yrs after the 1955 Le Mans disaster. Hopefully someone is left to race against #
  • Air France is packing 840 people in one plane. They are the first airline to order the A380 with economy seats only. That’s quite a check in #
  • @MeinTeil Let’s just hope an A380 never falls down. But I can’t really think of an commercial airliner that hasn’t had any crashes at all. in reply to MeinTeil #
  • @KevinMercuri They built a new terminal in Frankfurt just for the A380. Too bad it isn’t even landing there yet. The gates are humongous. in reply to KevinMercuri #
  • 87% of French parents admit that beating their kids is part of their parenting style. Horrendous!!! Now the French government is banning it #
  • A crocodile got to close a baby hippo that was with an entire herd of hippos. Big mistake http://is.gd/4XrKT (German captions – u’ll get it) #
  • Finally: JP-Morgan boss Jamie Dimon is asking for a large remake of the banking system, supports stronger regulations & no more bailouts #
  • 40% of all kids in the US are born outside of marriage. I might be a bit old school but that number is too high 4 me. 39% would be better #
  • Mariah Carey just presented another insane list of requirements in order to perform. I would tell her & all the other “divas” to get lost. #
  • Soon we’ll have 6bln people promoting themselves on the social web. I am wondering of some of that time could be spent in a better way. #
  • AOL is letting go of 1/3 of their workforce. I though they’d cut down from 6 to 4 employees. Nope. From 6900 down to 4400. #
  • German retirement home: An 86yr man old kills a 90yr old lady by hitting her with a water bottle. Of course he doesn’t remember anything. #
  • @davetaylor Hi Dave, do you have plans for Thanksgiving yet? I’ll host a little last minute something. Of course u are welcome. #
  • I fell asleep during the first Twilight movie – after cracking up for the first half. That disqualifies me from hitting the theaters this WE #

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