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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • A Daily Telegraph report shows how chaotic the war preparations in the UK where. 14 yr olds have better in “event organizing” skills. Unreal #
  • Here is the link to the Daily Telegraph report http://bit.ly/6sgGeU #
  • The Italian edition of Rolling Stone named Silvio Berlusconi “Rockstar of the Year”. That’s because of his outstanding womanizing abilities #
  • @DaveTaylor The guy is 73. All the other scumbags need to try a little harder next year ;-) in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • @DaveTaylor If you are comparing me wit the cavaliere you are giving me a bit too much credit ;-) I haven’t made Rockstar of Year yet. in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • OMG, is this winter ever going to end? #
  • All out of a sudden LinkedIn has a bit of appeal again. Their app platform opens. Widgets, external apps for status updates etc. coming soon #
  • What’s your strategy for “Black Friday”? It would be a good day to perform a few random acts of kindness – people will be surprised. #
  • There are plenty of awesome, smart & inspiring people here. I just wish some of them wouldn’t hammer out 50 Tweets per day. 49 would be fine #
  • Cell phone sales in Djakarta leads to total chaos. Black Friday shopping is recreational compared to this: http://digg.com/u1H3lf #
  • Time to return the flowers @mattgunn @geekmommy @zsazsa @briansolis @greeblemonkey @davetaylor @ashleykingsley etc. U all rocked last night #
  • Fusion man Yves Rossi now wants to fly with his jetwing from Tanger (Morocco) to Atlanterra (Spain). Mommy let’s me do it ;-) Yeah right #
  • @ashleykingsley I know it’s not the day after Christmas yet. Just felt like creating a new saying… in reply to ashleykingsley #
  • Iranian authorities snatch the Nobel Peace Prize from Shirin Ebdadi. What a shame. Sorry friends, but it REALLY doesn’t belong to you!!! #
  • Ferraris new “entry” model 458 is out. 570bhp. 200 miles/hr top speed. 300k sticker price. Quite a basic model that is. #
  • A man in Sweden became the prime suspect for the murder of his wife. Now there is a new suspect: An Elk that supposedly ate rotten fruit #
  • As for upgrading a PC to Windows 7: It asked me to uninstall a bunch of programs incl.my antivirus software. Annoying. Gotta love OS X #
  • @catttaylor I am sure it is better than Vista – once it is installed ;-) Right now I am frustrated and will give it another try tomorrow in reply to catttaylor #

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